Halo, How Are You?

Been awhile since I’ve been here. I do so hope you and those in your circles, near and far, are doing well. ❤️

My family and I have been busy settling into our new, upstate New York, home built in 1930. I often think about the families who’ve passed through a place built during the Great Depression. They survived. I believe we will too. Peace, kindness, and love are out there in the world…
sainted flapper

With peace and love for the holidays🌟

I painted this gal in 2016, seems so much farther back…

12 thoughts on “Halo, How Are You?

  1. Hi Annmarie, it’s been a long time! I’m glad that you and your family are well. I’m fine down here in Las Vegas and have beat a couple of medical issues. Still surviving! Have a great Christmas. John.

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    • Hi there, John-
      It has been a long time. Amazing where the days go, especially when they don’t come back;)
      I’m so very sorry to read about your health issues. You are a survivor with a positive outlook and a camera! I hope you’re keeping busy with your talent❤️ Sending healing thoughts your way.
      Warm wishes to you and yours

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      • Awww thank you my friend! I just keep punching forward against the health issues, I won’t be defeated. I’m still a photo nut! My blog has over 200K views and a few hundred followers. It seems like I have followed you for however many years now! Be well, be safe and have a wonderful Christmas! ❤️

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    • Hi there, VJ!
      Lovely to see you here ❤️ This painting was done back in 2016. I like to think she might stand the test of time – traveling the timeline in either direction:) with her flapper bob and her contemporary blush:)
      Warmest wishes to you and your loved ones too

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    • HI there, Georgiann!
      Thank you for the luck. We’ve been lucky so far. The house is old, a bit drafty, but charming all the same. As long as it doesn’t fall down;)
      Merry, Merry to you and your beautiful family too:)


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