Inaugural Issue of Ailment – Chronicles of Illness Narratives

During these months of such uncertainty, creative expression is a beautiful release. It is an honor to have my poetry and art included in this gorgeous, thoughtful, inaugural issue of Ailment – Chronicles of Illness Narratives.(clicking here or on image also will take you to Ailment’s First Issue)
I hope you, your loved ones, and all people you know are managing the days and staying safe❤️

I sketched the three drawings that accompany my poems when visiting with my beautiful mother at the nursing home. These last few weeks have been difficult not visiting with her, but days when she manages to answer the phone we get to chat a little. The nursing home allows families to drop items off. I go once a week and drop off crullers, comics, and family photos with love notes. My mother is my touchstone. Since suffering her massive stroke, over two years now, she still never complains. She manages small smiles. I selfishly miss that glorious smile of hers, the one I so often brag about-her god-given movie star grin.❤️xo

thank you

if you want to check out Ailment’s website click here

5 thoughts on “Inaugural Issue of Ailment – Chronicles of Illness Narratives

  1. AnnMarie you remember that cat Alice and I were trying to help. Our generous donations played a big part in getting them enough money to take his mri sadly he has a condition but now treated with meds so he gets no seizures or tremors his foster family took him in happily.

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  2. AM,
    Of course I love these poems (in print, and having seen them early on) and I also love the artwork, which I definitely think you should be doing more of and sending out with your work (I’m jealous, if I could make art I’d for sure do that).
    What a beautiful new publication — and you, my friend, have a very special up-front place in it! Great work, good job!
    So proud.

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    • Thank you, DS
      They really did such a beautiful job putting this new journal together. It’s really wonderful being part of a publication that highlights the highs and lows of being human
      I’m painting Caroline’s room today – does that count as art 😁

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