Shy-Low Series

While I toil away on a writing/illustration project dear to my ‘monsterish’ heart, I hope you don’t mind more youth-fare. I’m having way too much fear-fun perusing my teen journal(s). Reading ‘backwards,’ reminds me of sadder, awkward times. I’m relieved  shades of darkest blue leaked out when I was a kid. These days I spend much of my time, tickled pink. 😉

In my lifetime
I must have used up
over 3 reams of loose-leaf
– letters to you
but the only ones you ever received
were birthday greetings
and get well soons

My Music
When the symphony plays
No one can touch me
The music I hear
No one else can

Mind me
Here I am
alone at last
I don’t mind
’til someone minds me

do you see me
i’m feeling so low
please don’t push me
i don’t wanna go
unspoken comments
so cunningly snide
cut off and choked
my last ounce of pride
i’m not feelin’ real young
’cause my bleedin’ heart

Hair Hiding

Hair Hiding

May you dream of your sadness floating away in a bubble…

All ‘poems’ written 1977-78, Hair Hiding created in 2014 with Prisma pencil.