unloving yourself


this is for all beautiful young girls–inside and out–they all are born beautiful–they must believe this and not allow life to turn them otherwise–my daughter has grown into a confidant young woman–this was not always the case–and she’s so much more confidant than I ever was at the ripe age of 19🤗

in pursuit of abandonment

Jelly is a tattoo artist
in pursuit of abandonment
A hermit living inside flesh
she no longer recognizes
Primitive symbols characterize
lack of faith inked between her thighs
where once laid a man
His powerful chest mapped with wings
and of her hands
failed tools in a sterilized world
Beauty once pronounced itself
her skin rippling with pleasure
of his touch
of their flight
how high they moved
clouds bursting at nothingness
artifice of design
Where fiscal movements placed flat objects of desire
on bodies desiring
husks of fake color
Meaningless and watered away
Peering into crystal rocks
the masses tattooed
trying to coverup who they are
Jelly’s body nearly blue from the cold
every follicle of flesh stabbed with pigment
her crimson heart broken from his pain, not the needles
naked, she lies down to die alone
with her artful hands
like elegant gloves

pounding Djembes

blistering fingers thrum chords of fire
are these the burning hands you know
the soul’s tempo like a copper pendulum, does gold resonate there
this virtuoso mouth of yours, has it stolen arias in vacant symphony halls
when lights are low and days have dimmed
has the rage of your wanting lips fingered around a contrabass anaconda
do motivations fade inside bitter notes when the maestros falter
is your wary body allegro when a feisty partner plays
do you weep for the swelling of spring songs upon winter’s death
written across sheets of white are ink spills to be erased
goat-skin Djembes thrust exotic cadence into hearts unprotected
does this pounding journey move along its own rhythm
or do lovers create your solos

Upright nude trio/charcoal