my crayon box

hmm, this might be sixth grade-don’t miss the snap tie and blue knee socks
awhile back I wrote about my childhood crayon thievery – if you’d like to read just tap the magic red here ūüėä

a ‘Primarily Red’ turquoise hairband

Thrilled to have my painting ‘hairband’ displayed along with other beautiful works as part of Emerge Gallery’s Primar(il)y Red Exhibit!
(also honored to have ‘hairband’ (in upper right above) featured in announcement)
It goes without saying, if you’re ever near Saugerties, NY – visit. Both Emerge and Saugerties are enchanting. You won’t be disappointedūüėė

blackest days

school right around the corner, time doesn’t fly it rockets
I’ve been altering colored photos of my children when they were younger and appeared more innocentūüėČ
I enjoy stepping away from pencil and pen once in awhile and pretend I’m a photographer

Phantasms of Fantasy

she is not fearful
monster habitats
are not of this world
loved ones reinforce
and echo friendly books
monsters are creative figments
phantasms of fantasy
into dollhouse she is not fearful
monster habitats
are not of this world
learned now
she reminds herself
monsters are creative figments
phantasms of fantasy
buck fifty¬†headline –¬†RAMPAGE
closet monstermonsters
are not of this world
she is learned
she reminds herself

May you dream of safety for all the world’s children.

Photo of delicate daughter taken 14 years ago in her most favorite house, monster on black sketched on printer paper while subbing yesterday, marker added at home.

Hello Dollies, Please Don’t Hurt Us

My Friends,
This blog of mine has been through¬†several¬†iterations.¬†While¬†returning from a¬†self-hosted site back to WordPress, many older posts were¬†lost in translation. I’m going to¬†use¬†Sunday evenings to rework, repair¬†and repost some of my favorite 2014¬†efforts. I hope you don’t mind¬†blogging¬†down Memory Lane with me.¬†If you haven’t read before, I hope you enjoy.
Thank you,
The ‘Annagement’
¬†(sorry couldn’t resist)

Hello Dollies, Please Don’t Hurt Us
(originally posted 4/15/14)

Returning home from a¬†lovely garden journey, the giant husband and I happened upon an old-timer’s¬†flea market. A¬†pair of¬†cigarette-smoking, timeworn¬†vendors stood outside like cement lions. They wore¬†pensive smiles while¬†observing curious browsers.

The market’s outdoor portion¬†consisted of a few makeshift tables loaded with¬†lopsided¬†frames, 1950’s tools, hat boxes… The indoor portion¬†was¬†housed in a¬†dilapidated and dank-smelling barn¬†that¬†had seen better days.¬†The giant husband and I¬†strapped on our big-boy coveralls and entered the jittery¬†building.

Beside the usual flea market fare¬†of¬†old¬†records, fringed lamps, mildewed books, chipped dinnerware¬†and¬†broken¬†Tonka toys there¬†were boxes of dead dolls. I can’t think of anything more blood-curdling than little plastic¬†people.¬†Dolls used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid, now they were back to haunt me.

These dolls were broken-hearted. Their tiny¬†scratched¬†lips¬†whispered how long they’d lived without¬†a warm embrace.
solo dollThey’d been abandoned then forgotten…
solo dollThe dolls choked on satin¬†visages of yesteryear. Long ago, they’d been¬†precious…
headEyes¬†once marble-bright¬†were now marred dull like the fabric¬†tears of stuffed clowns…
clownThe giant husband and I had to look away from the pained grimaces.
wrestlerBut the most frightening thing of all was when¬†a¬†little¬†sinister¬†man-doll attempted to steal¬†the giant husband’s soul…
bpThank you. May you dream of happy dolls in warm homes.
All photos taken in April 2014 with iPhone. I’ve made it a personal goal to attempt art for every post, some earlier posts in 2014 have only photos.¬†¬†