blackest days

school right around the corner, time doesn’t fly it rockets
I’ve been altering colored photos of my children when they were younger and appeared more innocent😉
I enjoy stepping away from pencil and pen once in awhile and pretend I’m a photographer

2 thoughts on “blackest days

  1. Beautiful children you have there AnnMarie. I got a little writing done today. I was tired though. I had a gf pizza and now I am sleepy. Before I laid down I read a little of my favorite book ‘Love Of The Monster’ by you. You have a talent for writing and a gifted artist also a beautiful person inside and out. You got a lot going for you. I am sure you will be mega rich soon based on your art and writing. Also I don’t understand why Gisele gets paid billions of dollars to be a model I’d pick you over her any day every day of the week. You are ten billion times prettier than her. If I was in charge show me where to sign I’d sign you up to be part of the billionares club in modeling. But thanks again for sending me the book free and autographed. That was really nice of you. I’ll treasure that for the rest of my life and my most valued possession. If you ever have any book signings at any malls or bookstores I’ll deff be first in line for them I might be shy because I am a big AnnMarie fan. Keep writing and drawing. Enjoy your passion and life. Hope you had a good weekend. I am taking a nap this pizza putting me to sleep I’ll ttys

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    • very sweet, Dan
      happy you’re enjoying my monsters 😊
      I’m excited for the ebook version to come out – the illustrations will be in color!

      on the modeling front –
      yes, I don’t understand either why they’d select Gisele to model over me, my giant shoulders, big butt and man-hands😉

      be well, no worries
      keep that positivity going

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