devil bones

wanted to use my little devil illustration, he inspired this piecešŸ˜Š

the middle

he took off to find himself
she ran backwards to reclaim her life
in pursuit of opposing directions
the wanderer searching the wilderness
the misdirected retracing awkward steps
each holding expectations of unmet fulfillment
restless bodies
incomplete spirits
and the sun
everywhere and all places
no matter the temporary shelter
encountered along these diametrical journeys
bodies, books, booze, breathing
gargantuan shadows will always claim impermanent light
and until both light and shadow are accepted
they will travel forward and backward
never getting anywhere
touching in the middle


gently now

humble citizens eternally petrifiedĀ 
warm mammoths ice entombed
broken vessels anchored deep
hard lessons in dying
peaceful silence

go gently now

stallion skeleton

the old pyramid trick…inverted word triangle pointing to nowhere, or is it nowhere?
my, my, my crazy WP day with media snafus, love technology when it works:) though I must say the WP gremlins were fabulously helpful

I was once a ballerina and other tall tales

swing dancer

did you know I was once a ballerina and a boxer
a journalist and a jouster
and that I intensely dislike
rhymes of any kind
beloved Theodor
always gets a pass
he once told me
I’d go places
you never did
there are more things about me
like the precious items I squirrel
in an old wine box
did you know
I can’t stop my heart
from falling
even when I know
you won’t be there to catch it
I wish you knew more things
about me
then may(be)
I could figure
out just a bit better
and add to my box
of precious things
whose lid
stopped opening
long ago

and no, I didn’t slug wine when I was little
at the time it was blood from cupā€“I was praying with classmates
(a tiny sip)
but the wine box
came from our basement
where all useful things usually end up
after everyone forgets their usefulness
and I stopped entering churches
when I stopped opening boxes