Mojo’s Tail

The simplicity of a dog’s tail measuring more than temperature. How that tail remains alert until its owner unearths a treasure. A perfect ball – mushy, once yellow – perfect just the same. It’s Mojo’s treasure. The purity of finding bliss. Wind be damned. The grey sky an extemporaneous play with an early curtain call. How Mojo’s tail flies – a noble waving banner from the winning side. The captivating colors of victory unfurl. Mojo’s tail is happy as is he – by extension…
mojo gardenmojo in snowMay you dream of finding singular happiness in the simple things…
Mojo’s pics snapped this blustery morning.
Red wolf (endangered) with a happy tail created last week with marker and pencil.
red wolf

11 thoughts on “Mojo’s Tail

  1. Oh, that Mojo! What a cutie (and like Chuck, he’s one of those low-to-the-ground models) 🙂 You’re so right about a dog’s tail — how simple yet versatile that appendage truly is! And how you’ve captured his tail-talents in such gorgeous prosody! Must say too that red wolf is a good-looking specimen! Beautiful drawing! Yes, finding singular happiness in simple things … that’s what life is all about, enit? Btw: you have a LOT more snow than we do! It’s supposed to be 70 degrees here on Monday! Better make a snowgirl while you still can, 🙂


    • Thanks, Deb.
      Much of our snow has melted. We had quite a stockpile out there.
      Looks like this week teetering on high 40’s-low 50’s… time to bust out those razors 😉
      Working on intro all day – staying away from schools 🙂
      Happy Monday!
      AM 🙂


      • Glad to hear you have another day to make art/write, Miss AM! I’ll be around all day if you want to shoot something over to me. I just got up,10:30! It’s gorgeous outside (2 women just walked by) and I feel … oh I’m just tired of the flu bug! The teacher-friend that stopped by last night said it’s going around again — well, enough already! You work hard today, Miss. You’ll wrestle the intro into your dinghy and then it’ll be smooth sailing. Btw: (again) Mojo & Rock, adorable! And what’s a razor?!


  2. For what was Mojo searching? Perhaps ground without snow on it? When I returned from Stamp Camp yesterday it was 90 degrees…yes, I said 90 degrees! Our Chance was not using his happy tail signals; he was crashed on the cool concrete patio. – Fawn


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