A Good and Decent Bowl

There once was a bowl
a good and decent bowl
it held soapy water
for a tiny infant
when her mother feared
the bath too large
bowl bath

There once was a bowl
a good and decent bowl
anchored beneath the chin
of a little boy
when his stomach feared
nursery school, too big
max bowl.

There once was a bowl
a good and decent bowl
it held on the shelf
for homeless socks
when they feared
losing perfect partners
bowl with green sockAnd so is the life
of a good and decent bowl

Whose owner feared
new children were akin
to delicate birds
and nervous newts
before they grew
too tall and too strong
too fast
delicate bird

May you dream of a good and decent bowl that cares for treasures, both small and too large…

Please note though I’m all Italian I’d like to offer a big, beautiful, festively green Happy St. Pat’s to all!

Photos: Delicate daughter first used good and decent bowl when she was extremely delicate, Nana’s helping hands. Big son used good and decent bowl in mornings – he suffered nausea for 2 months at the start of nursery school. Now the good and decent bowl houses lost socks that dream of being reunited with their significant others. Perhaps one day we’ll bronze the good and decent bowl, as is the good and decent thing to do. 🙂
Art: (both critters endangered) rendered with marker and pencil a few weeks ago for a special project 

14 thoughts on “A Good and Decent Bowl

  1. Ah, the good and decent bowl — and all the more reason why you should never toss it out. 🙂 I can’t imagine holding a little one (Caroline) that small and I don’t blame you one bit for fretting about a bathtub; the bowl is perfect (and I thought those were “Nana’s hands”). I had to smile at Max, poor guy, who was nervous about nursery school (who wasn’t?). That appears to be a lot of “green” he’s eating there, and that facial expression is priceless — as though he might up-chuck right then and there, 🙂 And sock collector — well, you have to have one of those. Beautiful artwork for your project, btw. Birds and newts, and dozy dotes, and little lambs eat ivy …. 🙂


  2. I love all your poems…I read them twice and have different thoughts each time…hopefully there are teachers who will read your wonderful words about them…I still love the bowl and sometimes wish we could be back again with the beautiful babies…Love, Mom


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