is the end something we see

is the end something we see
something we fall into
like a dreamless night
do we fight the conclusion
papering the wall with shadows
is parting a just expense
our breaths used
some squandered
or salvaged for scraps
is the end something we see
hearing transient star light
blinding white silences
preemptive acceptance
of unseen faith
ushering ever onward
back to our beginnings



May you dream in many warm colors this night…

Clay sculpture done way, way back in high school circa 1979, and if memory serves she was nearly 3 feet in length and pretty darn heavy.

19 thoughts on “is the end something we see

    • I graduated in 1981, ah, the good old years when kids wore clothes and smiled more 😉
      Unfortunately, every sculpture I ever made broke apart. I wanted to sculpt my own way without knowing what I was doing. My pieces were too heavy and not thin where they should have been to balance the weight properly. I wish I still had this one – a few pics are all that remain…though I’m guessing she would have ended up in the attic 🙂


  1. Did you create that piece? It is very good! It almost seems as though the individual is in conflict with an external force. I’m not certain about “blinding white silence,” as I do not wish to experience that transition until it is my time to do so, but I have heard people saying that they believed that others who have transitioned from this life into the next knew that it was their time leave. I believe that it may be possible based upon some of their activity prior to leaving here.


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  3. Your lady looks incredibly uncomfortable! Somehow I’m not surprised that you wanted to sculpt “your own way”…I am glad that you at least have photographs of her, even though she did not survive. Such a versatile talent you are. Hugs, Fawn


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