is the end something we see

is the end something we see
something we fall into
like a dreamless night
do we fight the conclusion
papering the wall with shadows
is parting a just expense
our breaths used
some squandered
or salvaged for scraps
is the end something we see
hearing transient star light
blinding white silences
preemptive acceptance
of unseen faith
ushering ever onward
back to our beginnings



May you dream in many warm colors this night…

Clay sculpture done way, way back in high school circa 1979, and if memory serves she was nearly 3 feet in length and pretty darn heavy.

A Little Boy Named Sean

Dear Friends,
On October 17th, my local community paper published an article about a beautiful, ten-year-old boy named Sean Cadden. Sean is the son of Police Sergeant Patrick Cadden of Newburgh, New York. Sean has leukemia. His disease had been in complete remission, but this August, Sean was again diagnosed with leukemia.

Sean entered Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, NY on November 1. He’ll be there about ten weeks. Sean’s treatment will include a bone marrow transplant.

Sean would like to decorate his roon with patches from Police Departments, Swat Teams and any other Emergency Service Agencies. If you have a patch please send to: Town of Newburgh Police Department, 300 Gardnertown Road, Newburgh, NY 12550.

Let’s make Sean’s eyes gleam.
I did not have a patch to send, so I sketched Sean’s likeness (newspaper’s photo for reference) and added a police hat with his name.


Thank you. May you dream of healthy children, and of those children that aren’t in good health – getting the medical attention they need.

When to Roar

Dear Friends,
Roaring every so often is good for the soul, the heart and the jaw muscles. One shouldn’t roar for things like children’s unkempt bedrooms or misbehaving technology. These aren’t roar-worthy concerns. Though I know better, I’ve been flexing my jawbone too much. When one roars for unimportant things, they burden the over-taxed airways and other critical roars can’t be heard.

Roaring is good, when there is great need. Roar for West Africa, roar for the sick, roar for the helpless…please don’t waste a healthy roar…

dragon roarThank you. May you dream of roaring among the waves and soaring among the stars…

Dragon Roar drawn a last week after housecleaning.

Please Share Simon Tocclo’s Liberian Message

Dear Friends,
Someone needs help. The someone is everyone and everyone needs someone…

I promised my dear friend, Simon – whose Liberian homeland is being ravaged by Ebola – I’d share his post. It would mean a great deal to Simon’s loved ones, both near and far, and to all areas afflicted with this disease, if you shared Simon’s message. I tried reblogging Simon Tocclo’s post, unfortunately, my new host site isn’t cooperating, so I did the next best thing and created my own post and linked to Simon’s blog/and his post.

Ebola Thank you so very much.

Starved woman/pastel done in 1998 under different circumstances…