Please Share Simon Tocclo’s Liberian Message

Dear Friends,
Someone needs help. The someone is everyone and everyone needs someone…

I promised my dear friend, Simon – whose Liberian homeland is being ravaged by Ebola – I’d share his post. It would mean a great deal to Simon’s loved ones, both near and far, and to all areas afflicted with this disease, if you shared Simon’s message. I tried reblogging Simon Tocclo’s post, unfortunately, my new host site isn’t cooperating, so I did the next best thing and created my own post and linked to Simon’s blog/and his post.

Ebola Thank you so very much.

Starved woman/pastel done in 1998 under different circumstances…


2 thoughts on “Please Share Simon Tocclo’s Liberian Message

  1. Will definitely share tomorrow (Saturday), AnnMarie. His drawing is certainly a stark reminder not only of how awful this disease is, but it also puts a “face” (this lovely woman’s) on it. Thank you for sharing Simon’s blog — you’re a kind, caring woman who certainly makes a difference in this world.


    • Hi Deb,
      I’m never sure if you get my reply when I write through the WP as opposed to the ‘other.’ In case, the first didn’t go through, I’ll say thank you again for sharing – and if I already said it, I’ll say it again.
      I updated my post – I actually had to create my own post and link Simon’s address to my post. This host stuff is quite bratty.


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