Stranger Girl

Dear Friends,
Below is a five minute sketch. She was created to live demo basic ‘facing’ for an art student. I had a little fun with eye decoration (that ate 3 of the minutes). The ‘quickie’ was later tacked to my studio cork board. Yesterday while drawing a ‘real’ portrait for someone, the young lady hanging from my cork board spoke.

She directed in a slightly demanding tone, “Hey you, look up here!” A little shocked, my eyes hesitantly rolled up, followed by my head. Once the young lady had my full attention, her voice softened, “Please,” then she paused for a dramatic moment, “Please, tell me who I am?”

I looked away and stared at the floor. I thought a minute then replied,”I don’t know.” I looked back at her face and those black-lined eyes. She appeared sadder than I remembered drawing her. So I added, “But I promise, when I’m done discovering who I am, I’ll figure out who you are. For now, I’ll just call you Stranger Girl.”

She smiled. She had a name and that was a start.

stranger girl Thank you. May you dream of strange people with friendly faces.

6 thoughts on “Stranger Girl

  1. Okay, sister, 5 minutes???!!! Are you kidding me?! My crude little animal sketches take me 5 minutes — and they look exactly like crude little animal sketches. But your “sketch” is so wonderfully complete and professional! (But then again, you are a talented professional.) Seems to me you have a story here. Stranger Girl’s story. And I love the “when I’m done discovering who I am, I’ll figure out who you are” — perfect! I’m so glad I can once again comment on your blog, keep our exchanges going. Though her I do wish I could figure out how to “follow” you again (your posts don’t show up in my Reader, which I can work around). Is there a “follow” button I’m missing? I have to follow Stranger Girl and her artistic siblings! 🙂


    • Okay, I fibbed – she took less than 5 minutes, but I didn’t want to seem, you know, wise-assie (can I say that?). I love your sketches Deb! Once you know the face ‘template’ it’s easy. I bet if you looked up how to draw a basic face, you’d be shocked at the wonderful results you could achieve.
      I had fun with the copy – scary thing is – I did imagine her speaking to me and it was almost surreal… 😉
      I did lose you as a follower, boohoo. I’m not sure what to do, remember you’re asking a tech-banana a technical question. All I can deliver is a good banana split – yummy for the tummy – useless everywhere else 😉 I would suggest asking the wonderful folks behind the curtains at WP. They’ve helped me with a couple of things and they respond in a timely fashion. 🙂 I think there is a follow button on my blog – is that not working for you?
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • AnnMarie, I think I’ve fixed the “follow” problem (my problem, not yours). I went into my account and saw that for some reason your blog had been turned off (not the technical term). Anyhoo, I should be “following” you again. I don’t see a follow button on your blog, but I can be totally blind to the obvious, too. And one more thing: LESS than 5 MINUTES??? You’re not wise-assie (I say worse things, btw; there, I’m revealing my dark side, LOL), just honest. You’re talented! And no, I doubt (I know) I couldn’t/can’t do what you do with pen, ink and brush. 🙂


      • Thanks Deb. I didn’t realize my follow button had disappeared into the bloghole. Thanks to your keen eye, I’ve asked my web gal to please restore it, as I need all the help I can get. 🙂 Hah, now I got you cussing too, so I don’t feel so alone in badword land. 😉
        I’m so glad you were able to follow – I was going to mail you some breadcrumbs 😉
        Darn, darn, darn this technology…
        Have a terrific evening!
        AnnMarie 🙂


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