Chupacabra Terrorizes Giant Husband

Dear Friends,
All last week, before the giant husband and I began our daily 5 AM walk, we could hear the ‘local’ coyotes howling with abandon. Their sad, almost infant-like wails echoed through the woods at the end of our cul-de-sac. The raw cacophony was lyrically unnerving.

This morning, however, the coyotes melodic cries were too close for comfort. Though the giant husband and I probably outweighed their pack by at least two-hundred pounds, I gripped my trusty Swiffer and the giant husband carried his heavy-duty halogen flashlight. I guess our plan was to dust them off, then show them the light 😉

When I mentioned to the giant husband that the howling could be from the elusive Chupacabra, he howled like a coyote. I told him that in Puerto Rico, 1995, goats were found with lethal puncture wounds and their bodies drained of blood. The name Chupacabra literally translates to ‘goat sucker’ in Spanish. And since the discovery of the gruesome ‘vampiresque’ goat scene, there have been random attacks on all manner of livestock. Eyewitnesses have reported Chupacabra sightings from Maine, USA to Chile to Russia…

Some folks take Chupacabras’ legend quite seriously, while others believe they are simply coyotes with mange… Below is my version of the mysterious Chupacabra. So, what do you think: Are there coyotes with mange prowling about, or could blood-sucking Chupacabras be real? Or should I just continue toting my trusty Swiffer?

chupacabraThank you. May you dream of friendly monsters with fluffy fur.
Chupacabra created in 2009 for monster project
Blogtox injection – 5 days to go

19 thoughts on “Chupacabra Terrorizes Giant Husband

    • You know Glenda it could be. I just did ‘quicky’ research for the post. Perhaps, the first recorded incident was the 1990’s date.
      The walking is going well, but I wake up every morning and tell myself, “If i skip today, I won’t do it anymore, so that makes me put my sneakers on.” 🙂


  1. Well, now. They say you learn something everyday, and today I’ve learned of, and about, the Chupacabra! Never in my life have I heard of this animal! I will definitely have to look into the details of this creature. 🙂 And, I actually LOLOLOL when I read the sentence about the Swiffer and the flashlight: ” I guess our plan was to dust them off, then show them the light” — hilarious!


    • Good morning Debra,
      Thanks for liking my funny – I thought it was my first real funny – because it made me laugh too 😉
      One of the projects I’m working on is a monster book of some sort. There are so many cool creatures/legends out there it’s wild and quite fascinating.
      Happy Wednesday!
      AnnMarie 🙂


  2. Science has typically got an answer for most things. I recall seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in northern Canada when I was young. They were so brilliant and beautiful with such vivid colors that they were actually quite eerie. Because they were so close to the ground, if you made noise by clapping, whistling or anything rather loud, the lights would react by moving quickly to the noise. A native fellow I worked with stopped me by telling a story of how his grandmother warned him to respect the spirits of these special lights. His story was so well told that I have respected that since that day.


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