Mind Traveling

Dear Friends,
Since admitting to brain tattoos, I’ll admit one more grey matter item: I mind travel. Mind traveling is out of necessity. The giant husband works six days a week (someone has to tend trees and plants for the universe). At present, long distance trips are difficult. Once the delicate daughter and big son go off to college – just a few short years away – we plan on doing some serious traveling. We are going to leave the upper right side of the United States map, assuming we’re both still present and accounted for on earth… So here’s to planes, trains and winning Powerball!
Travelin' Man

Thank you. May you dream of pristine sailing vessels, five-star jets, luxury trains and winning the lottery…
Traveling Man created after receiving ‘free’ cruise coupon in the mail.

7 thoughts on “Mind Traveling

  1. Oh man, do I EVER dream of winning the lottery (along with how many other millions of folks?! Ha!), so I’m with you there. 🙂 I was just telling my husband last night that I’d like to go to the UK and Italy, although I don’t like flying, so I’m not sure how that will happen. 🙂 Good for your husband to take care of the planet — someone sure needs to! I “mind travel,” too — especially when I’m driving to work; then I’m dreaming of getting the work done so I can travel back home! LOL


    • Hi there Debra,
      My folks have been to Italy several times over – sadly, I’ve yet to get over there. It’s on my destinations map too 🙂
      I once flew over the Rockies in a small rickety plane en route to New Mexico – I only fly big now 🙂
      Mind traveling is not only good for the wallet, it’s good for the soul – I knew you’d be a mind traveler 🙂


      • Very sorry to hear that John. I hope all goes well and the finances return to the plus column sooner rather than later. Perhaps the apartment will require less maintenance at least…
        Trying to float financially today is difficult for so many. We keep our head above water, but one big ship bump and…
        Hang in there


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