A Little Boy Named Sean

Dear Friends,
On October 17th, my local community paper published an article about a beautiful, ten-year-old boy named Sean Cadden. Sean is the son of Police Sergeant Patrick Cadden of Newburgh, New York. Sean has leukemia. His disease had been in complete remission, but this August, Sean was again diagnosed with leukemia.

Sean entered Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, Westchester Medical Center, NY on November 1. He’ll be there about ten weeks. Sean’s treatment will include a bone marrow transplant.

Sean would like to decorate his roon with patches from Police Departments, Swat Teams and any other Emergency Service Agencies. If you have a patch please send to: Town of Newburgh Police Department, 300 Gardnertown Road, Newburgh, NY 12550.

Let’s make Sean’s eyes gleam.
I did not have a patch to send, so I sketched Sean’s likeness (newspaper’s photo for reference) and added a police hat with his name.


Thank you. May you dream of healthy children, and of those children that aren’t in good health – getting the medical attention they need.

7 thoughts on “A Little Boy Named Sean

    • I hope He’ll be okay too – such a sweet face. My brother who is in the FBI in NJ, is going to forward my post to other offices for some patches… And my sister-in-law has a police officer brother who’ll be sending too 🙂
      Hope your sunday was grand 🙂


  1. AnnMarie, a sad, sad thing that this child has to fight such a terrible disease. It’s so nice of you to bring it to the attention of your blog readers. The good thing about those bone marrow transplants is that they often bring miraculous recoveries, so I’m praying this little boy will be one of the successes. Such a wonderful rendition of the boy, too. I’m sure his mother will love and cherish it forever.


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