Fall’n Stars

Dear Friends,
Last week at 5 AM, as the giant husband and I were taking our morning walk, I noticed something quite beautiful. The sleepy, white moon was preparing to let the sun take over. The road surface was slick from the previous night’s rain. Though the street was dark, it appeared illuminated by starlight. Wet leaves of orange, russet and gold were reflecting moon glow. The fallen leaves flickered atop the black asphalt. Their angular shapes shimmered as stars do in the night sky. It seemed for a beautiful, brief moment that the earth had flipped over onto her lovely head.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves


Thank you. May you dream of stars in heaven and on earth.
Fallen Girl mixed media collage created after witnessing stars on the road.

Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

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9 thoughts on “Fall’n Stars

  1. Hah, Marissa,
    I don’t know what I did – but, I somehow deleted your lovely original comment and the following is my response.

    You honor me by thinking my art could hang in your child’s room.
    Thank you and very sorry for the delayed response.
    AnnMarie 🙂
    If you can make a print from blog – go right ahead 🙂


  2. This is my very favorite of all your artwork so far, AnnMarie! She is simply delighted and awestruck by the magic of fall(en) stars. Thank you for such a lovely beginning to my day. – Fawn


  3. This is beautiful, AnnMarie (sorry, I’m running out of superlative adjectives to describe your artwork — and writing — so “beautiful” will have to do). I can “see” the image as I read, and then the actual image is so breath-taking there below. (And now that I have the “retina” iPad, when I blow the image up the artistry in the brushstrokes is so clearly revealed.) And such a lovely last line that propels this prose poem off into the universe. I will never look at fallen leaves in the dark in the same way ever again. 🙂


  4. You paint a lovely early morning picture. It is a wonderful reminder of how much beauty we can find all around us when we are willing to pay attention and notice. You inspire me to go for an early morning walk myself soon – although in my part of the world I’ll be looking for those fall leaves through a misting of snow… I hope you continue to see magic all around you this week.


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