My Halloween Sweets

Dear Friends,
Sweet are the wide-eyed faces, painted white as skeleton bone.
Precious are the little forms, costumed bright in faux silk.
Humorous are the small heads, wearing pointed hats.
Innocent are the bowed lips, timidly yelling for treats.
Tender are the tiny hands, grasping, in the spirit of Halloween.

Skeleton Chamalittle red devilCaroline:witchmoney batEinstein Glasses

Pumpkin Sweet

Thank you. Happy Halloween to those joining in the fun. May you dream of sweet treats and happy smiles.
Please keep West Africa in your thoughts.
Pumpkin Sweet penciled while on a subbing break.

10 thoughts on “My Halloween Sweets

    • I kept my photos organized for a few years…then stopped. A bunch of Halloween pics are in the picture ‘trunk’ to be organized in about twenty years ;-)…
      My mom’s b’day is Halloween. This coming weekend a big bunch of Italians will be visiting my home. We’ll have candy and cake too 😉
      Hope you’re feeling better.
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • I know what you mean about that “trunk.” I let my husband handle that — he’s much neater (Air Force) than I am. Your Halloween party with the Italians sounds like so much fun! You’re very lucky to be able to share such occasions with your mother. I’m sorry to say I’m not feeling much better. Thought I was this afternoon, but the coughing spells are bad. I’m calling in sick at work tomorrow — first time in I don’t know when.


      • It’s great having an organized hubbie. Yes, when the Italians gather there is much fun to be had. And I do feel very blessed to have both my mother – 79 and father – 83. Just take it easy, Deb. I’m glad you’re taking a day – sounds like it is long overdue. Treat yourself to a good sleep, and lots of tea (see I’m not even saying coffee). Feel better soon…
        AnnMarie 🙂


  1. Such fun to see our little ones grow from Halloween to Halloween. Have a glorious Halloween birthday with your mom and “the whole famdamily”, as my best buddy Duon would say. – Fawn


    • Thanks, Fawn.
      We’ve got an early prediction of rain or possible snow on saturday – crazy!
      I’m looking forward to visiting with the crazy Italians!
      For her 80th, next year, my mom would like a big party!
      This year will be just a warmup 😉


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