The Miracle

Dear Friends,
Lighten your soul. Warm your heart. Stir your imagination. Lift your eyes. Soften your mood.
Music is the miracle.
Our world needs never-ending melody…

My good friend, Debra of C-Dog fame, understands. If you are in need of a smile today check out Deb’s post today!

Guitarbot Thank you. May you fall asleep to childhood lullabies…

Guitarbot created while listening to, Porgy and Bess…

9 thoughts on “The Miracle

  1. Oh that dancing parrot on Deb’s page was hilarious. Big fan of Stevie Nicks, now a bigger fan of the parrot, lol. You definitely warmed my heart and softened my mood this morning. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love Guitarbot, truly the epitome of “heavy metal”! (His guitar is pretty darn cool, too.) And you were listening to Porgy and Bess, a classic, too! You are so right, AnnMarie, about music as a miracle — it truly is. And speaking of true, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, you really are a poet, Miss. Really, I’m so jealous of the way iyou handle language so creatively, uniquely. I’m reading you and muttering, “Damn, how she’d do that!” 🙂 And bless you, bless you for recommending my blog today — quite an honor. Thank you. 🙂


    • Thanks for liking ‘Bot, Deb. It seems you really enjoyed yourself at the concert! Nothing better than music coming from talented musicians we admire 🙂
      And I thank you for that wonderful dancing bird video this morning. I had no choice but to share. Perfectly timed with a musical post, but more importantly – that beautiful bird brought a big smile to my face this morning as your posts always do (except the sad posts of course. When one is defending the plight of animals, sadly – there will be sad posts too) 🙂
      Hope you caught up on your rest. Is Stevie still ringing in your ears 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂


      • Glad you enjoyed the bird/dance, and happy it made you smile. I’d rather make people smile than write those darn sad posts (and I could stop doing it, too, if animal abusers would take up residence on another planet); until then, I’m going to try balancing my approach: happy, happy, sad, happy, etc. 🙂 I am actually dragging right now, and yes, Stevie is still ringing in my ears (although, amazingly, the sound wasn’t as loud as I thought it might be — either that, or I’ve already lost some hearing from other concerts!), 🙂


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