Nostril Bone

Dear Friends,
Was I in an O’Keeffe mindset, while thinking about my mother-in-law who lives in New Mexico? Was it current high school subbing – placing me within earshot of, Lord of the Flies and ‘his’ staked pig’s head – that prompted this? Whatever the flirting muse, Nostril Bone, manifested two days ago and I ‘kinda’ like her. She may become a painting…

nostril bone Thank you. May you dream of insect-free, big skies.



8 thoughts on “Nostril Bone

  1. Ooh, I like her too. Definitely make it a painting! It sure hits my sense of humour, its a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll, its a little bit school yard humour, mixed in with some sort of twisted evolutionary mutation.


  2. I like it, too! Please paint Nostril Bone! Quite the homage to O’Keeffe, but with a “twist.” 🙂 You know, I finally (!) read Lord of the Flies (or, Lord of the “Fries,” as some students refer to the classic in their papers — think: McDonald’s), and I must say that book sort of creeped me out. Glad I didn’t read it when I was younger! LOL Have a great day!


    • Thanks, Deb.
      I’ve read, Lord of the Flies, a few times – as a student, as a sub teacher, as a mom and now as a student’s scribe. I don’t agree with William Golding’s assessment of humanity: Basically, left to his own devices man’s inherent evil will surface. I like to believe, most humans are generally good, albeit some more selfish than others if their survival is at risk.
      I watched the old black & white movie version with my son too. It’s a bit slow and not graphic like the modern film (so, I’ve heard). I’m planning on watching the newer version very soon.
      Hope you had a great day – at the 3:30 pm mark and getting ready to give a few art lessons.
      AnnMarie 🙂
      I think I will turn old Nostril Bone into paint this summer 🙂


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