lovers and deaf dogs

excerpt and art from, love of the monster, eBook coming soon
I’ve been swapping some drawings in print version with paintings for eBook-
because glorious color costs the same as black and white in computer landūüėė

his bliss

this affectionate guy created at the Jersey Shore while I was in a lovely morning mood ūüėė – thank you

When to Roar

Dear Friends,
Roaring every so often is good for the soul, the heart and the jaw muscles. One¬†shouldn’t roar for things¬†like¬†children’s unkempt¬†bedrooms¬†or¬†misbehaving¬†technology. These aren’t roar-worthy concerns. Though I know better, I’ve been flexing my jawbone too much. When one roars for unimportant things, they burden¬†the¬†over-taxed¬†airways and other critical roars can’t be¬†heard.

Roaring is good, when there is great need. Roar for West Africa, roar for the sick, roar for the helpless…please don’t waste a healthy roar…

dragon roarThank you. May you dream of roaring among the waves and soaring among the stars…

Dragon Roar drawn a last week after housecleaning.

The Point

Dear Friends,
There is a beautiful little fable that was written by the late, great Harry Nilsson long ago. It’s a musical wonderland¬†called The Point. The Point (music album then 1971 movie narrated by Ringo Starr) is about a¬†round-headed boy named Oblio, his dog Arrow and their¬†journey through a pointed world. Like that unique¬†red-nosed reindeer, Oblio is ‘different.’ His head is round while all other townies are privileged with¬†pointed¬†heads. Oblio wears a pointed cap to conceal his ‘pointless’ condition. Unlike Rudolph who’s shunned by his peers, Oblio is accepted, but¬†there’s always an evil¬†count lurking around some¬†pointed tree.

As you have probably have surmised, Oblio’s round headedness gets him banished to the Pointed Forest – where no living person has ever made it out. Not only does Oblio survive, he meets an entire woodland cast of unique individuals, like the Rock Man. Each character encapsulates an¬†interesting perspective¬†on¬†life.¬†Oblio listens and learns. He eventually finds his way out¬†and returns to¬†the Land of Point¬†where¬†he speaks of self-acceptance and how “…everything has a point, so I must have one too…” The ¬†townspeople cheer and are glad to have Oblio back safely.

The Point by Nilsson, doesn’t only send a¬†beautiful message,¬†the music and lyrics are as utterly whimsical¬†as they are magnificently melodic.

Inspired by all shapes great and small, I give you “Out of Shapes” Man-

Shapes Man

Shapes Man

Thank you and goodnight. May you wake with a round-head¬†full of sharp wit…:-)