lots of folks have evil twitter fun, I’m no different



I keep asking myself
who i is
why is my i so important
just a letter
a blip of time
every letter has a small space
to accumulate crap
then let it go
I want to leave something
for my kids
I want to make something
for my soul
while there is a head attached
you bet
i hope I’m in good company

Erté homage

Erté homage

Though I’m quite Italian, I wish all who celebrate a Happy Saint Pat’s!

Remember to Think Responsibly

Just droppin’ in to wish
HAPPY ST PAT’S to those who partake
Now go and have fun
but please remember to


Art Muscle

Art Muscle

Just making sure I still remember how to post;) Twittering has been confusing the feathers outta me…

Tweetzilla: The Evil Blue Raptor

Innocent in direction
I was simply walking and conversing with a dear friend
we were discussing Existentialism
peppering our profound dialogue with
philosophical musings on Impressionism
we fancied ourselves brutally brilliant
beneath the miles of cadence, I was vastly superior
my dear friend had labeled, Albert Pinkham Ryder an Impressionist
calling out, Moonlight Marine, 1870
I was courteous, as always, letting it pass that the reclusive artist, Ryder
was a student of Expressionism
and that’s when the sky darkened
a horrid thing circling above
monstrously proportioned and diabolically blue with a ‘mawful’ of rotting flesh
its breath alone could expunge lower Manhattan
this consuming creature, was screeching numbers in succession
I spied symbols seared into its flesh, several feet above its talons
– the width of sewer pipes
the markings appeared to be random hashtags and a number
# # # 140
I quickly deduced it was counting my words
but it wasn’t just counting my words
the bastard beast
was counting each letter I spoke
what cruel thing was upon me
this damnable blue bird
if I uttered more characters than the tolerated amount
it would surely kill me
140, 140, 140…
tweetzillaBluebell, as I affectionately call this fellow was created a few years ago. I recently ‘tweeted’ for the  first time. I was a tad ‘stupified’ by Twitter’s character counter, as I attempted to be succinct. Adding insult to injury – Twitter told me I had to be more clever – too many characters… and I thought, aha, there’s fun to be had here. You know, it’s quite difficult writing something meaningful when it comes from a place of less character…140, 140, 140… 😉