eyes of magma

new poem, Eyes of Magma, published at HerStory – a purpose-driven creative venue for the unified female voice – love this blog!

friendship and slaying beasts

There is an eternal chamber
protected by beasts
both good and evil
we must be patient
and wait for the precise moment
when the light shines
to see in the dark

it is difficult slaying in blackness
to separate the good from the evil
we will do battle side by side

I will distract with my blunt sword
while you strike true
these wicked beasts
must be felled
by the one who woke them

we each must foster
our own conclusion
we each must destroy
our own inhibition
it is difficult slaying beasts alone

 let us battle on side by side
you know
even superheroes need sidekicks

hall monister

hall monister

Black Hole Advice

well, who am I kidding
I think
I just want to stop

What is it I want to stop?

That I’m not sure about
maybe I want to stop
so when I start
I know where to begin

When I’m in thick
head exploding
innards imploding
it’s time to light up
the cannon fuse

let the oddball fly
lightening the load
opening the earth

when you’re headed for that iceberg
a small detour
might just alleviate the giant black hole
you’re about to dig
Galeencreated a few months ago 🙂

curves that matter

you passed me by
it was raining
I was on the street with my head down
thinking of cleansing sidewalk grime
I saw your face warping in a slap of puddle
I know well the finite curves of your jaw
did you know that
you never knew the curves of mine

I need someone to know my curves
not the soft arc cylinders praised in romance novels
but the invisible shapes that fit one into the other
that’s what I need
I’ll say my goodbyes in this puddle
to your thoughtless lines
parallels never meeting
and lift my head when the spherical sun returns
and the dirty sidewalks sparkle



Gea drawn long ago when my name was much shorter 🙂

there is no return from done…

what if you’re completely numb
by the time you smash rock bottom
life’s continual whipping stick
has shred your skin into gravel
a heart once warm red, now grey and pumiced
the soul once light, dragging you downward
you hit the base as composite material
deeper and deeper
hell can’t be far below the place you’ve struck
and heaven is providing the cauldron lid
your conscience has given itself over to
subterranean guilt
it is done
there is no return
from baseless bottom
unless the singular particle of belief you nurse
can tunnel deeper still…

Wampus Catman

I felt something ‘devilish’ was called for. Previously published with another post. Sketched while subbing a month or so ago – don’t ask 😉