eyes of magma

new poem, Eyes of Magma, published at HerStory – a purpose-driven creative venue for the unified female voice – love this blog

Eyes of Magma

legs thinner than sipping straws
supporting a body too frail for words
strength and shine
will settle in those eyes of magma
super heated by flecks of brilliance
lit from behind

unknown to the world
one day
she will become a champion of peace

she is on her way now
seek her out in every young woman

5 thoughts on “eyes of magma

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie. You got to see ‘The Shape Of Water’ it will inspire you.like your book ‘Love of the Monster’ Sally Hawkins loves the monster in the movie. I picked up my dvd. I am taking a little breakskee on the writing recharge and have some fun watching horror movies. Hope you are doing alright AnnMarie. Remember AnnMarie you are a special snowflake.ttys AnnMarie=Number One! woo hoo

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