She’s in HOOT!

DS Levy is one of those agile writer’s who slips in dark when you’re headed down a well-lit path. I’m elated she’s returned to WP to share her cosmic talent. DS is a lifelong pursuer of all things ‘writerly,’ and she has taught me much about the writing world. She’s Yoda to my Chewbacca. Check out her new blog and follow along. More marvelous stuff around the corner…

She recently had a flash story, “What I Really Meant,” published in the very cool HOOT Review(April-May 2018). She was so very generous in choosing a figure of mine for her excellent flash story.

I am vain

This piece inspired by my face, currently a disaster of stress rash. Apparently, holding back, in an attempt to be monstrously strong, isn’t good for you. I can now use my face like a 70’s mood ring. Never believed I was vain, but lately I’m hiding in the shadows along with my creatures.

the marrow of his bones

so intense was their passion
he swore
the marrow of his bones rocked
in his bed
streaming across those ship grey sheets
the moonlight
and her body luminous
and imperfect

an asymmetrical face marked with smile lines
before her watch caught on his cuff link
much of his outward life had shifted by
in speeding cherry sports cars
with bouncy passengers who wore stilettos
instead of socks
now he had this woman
who saw him with eyes beyond
what he reflected

those fitted Italian suits pressing on his heart
gave way to the gentle hands now removing them
he fell more in love with those hands each day
as they unlocked his chest turn by turn
softly releasing
the fear and trepidation
confidently protected all these years

he’d been hiding
a beautiful man
whose mind penned introspective thoughts
when no one was looking

five cent pump pencil

five cent pump pencil

beneath those shoulders

the shoes beneath those shoulders
can’t find a way back
faces perplex
especially your own
failing to recognize
too familiar eyes that have shown you the world
in your small space
and when smiling out there
they hold in other things
you are not who they think you are
but you were yesterday
or so they would have you believe

perhaps tomorrow
you will be someone else
or maybe
the shoes beneath those shoulders
will point homeward on loose gravel

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

this blue guy is a friend to all:)



you arrived late
I sent you
you came back
sat there
and chipped into my circle
in your eyes
settled long ago
was something vague
I could not reach
those watery surfaces gave
the clearest understanding
there was a suffering
your sweet mouth sealed from escape
and continued to do so
despite my knees on the floor
there is the sometime
when no words
or thought of any dimension
can worm into a wall

like only words can

line after line of cyan rope heaves its burden over the side
to lasso our floundering bodies
and guide us back to shore

delicate symbols the birth children of ups and downs
sleep with us through the night
and convince us the day is not over

fierce inked fingers untwist our knotted spirits
straighten the crooked paths
our meandering feet struggle upon

elegant expressions lick our wounds
despite their own situations

transport then devolve into code

as ethereal elements
they rise above the false light
escaping their one-dimensional fortresses

to comfort our human condition
and ease our lives
in the way that only devoted words can

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow


mooseman fullhow much can I push my
into your head
they need to push hard
there is so much I need to cram in there
inside you
I want to fill you
with my words
my thoughts
my images
of places I want to take you
and things we can do
you and I
so open your head wide
because I’m quite strong
and I can push
really hard