at the beyond

Nothing is the same
All the lights are on
yet the dark is oppressive
I imagine you’re out there
lets me smile
I think you’re in the next room
is a talent of mine
I miss you completely
Maybe one day
we’ll be together again
at the beyond
when I grow tired of pretending
and short
of breath



missing you greatly, my dear friend and companion

22 thoughts on “at the beyond

    • Though I wrote this with Rocky in mind, I was thinking it truly is more for the people in our lives who have moved on.
      I know you’ve experienced deep loss in your life. I’m so very sorry you live with a heavy tug upon your generous heart – if words could heal – I’d throw you a bunch and then some.
      The memories we shelter so carefully inside, the ones that make us smile are the very same ones that make us cry – and yet we’d never change them. Within tears of happiness and sadness, our loved ones live on ever-present and near.

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  1. AM,
    This is exactly what I’m talking about.
    “Pretending is a talent of mine /
    I miss you completely” —
    Closing, frisson, perfect.
    These are simple but hefty words,
    emotionally-charged, perfect.


  2. Singularly poignant, AnnMarie.
    Sorry for my silence of the past few days: my WordPress site blocked my access for reasons that remain obscured by the wonderful obfustication of techie language. But I’m back now!


  3. I am so saddened to hear about Rocky’s passing. He was obviously a very special dog. You’re family’s love for him shines in all your posts. My condolences.


  4. Universal words that apply to so many. Tomorrow will be two years since a 6 minute cardiac arrest of the love of my life. So many frightening images still in my head….but we had angels along the way….and we’ve been blessed with two “bonus” years. Thankful for every day and hopeful for many many more to come. These words bring to mind the mortality of beings — and the love that stays in our hearts. Your words go so far beyond dear Rocky….and dear he was…not a silly dog…a life’s companion. That is really what we are all about…relationships. So — thank you for your words here.


    • I wrote this and truth be told, I did feel a tad foolish that is was with my beloved Rocky in mind. But I also hoped the words would resonate with others thinking of their – two and four-legged angels.
      Thank you for your kind words here.
      And I’m so glad the love of your life is still with you…sharing in your living:)

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