Nina’s shoulder pads

she adored shoulder pads
tucked beneath her brassiere straps
the eighties rage
her build was delicate
not like her niece
who resembled a linebacker
if she didn’t slice the shoulder pads out of her fashion finds
Nina appreciated how the foam pieces squared-off her petite form
on her body, clothing draped as it was meant to
she had style and a talent for accessorizing
my aunt lived with grace, style and beauty
she remained dignified and lovely
even near the end
her eyes
gorgeous, dark and wide
unlike stacked boxes of jewels
and endless drawers of shoulder pads
irreplaceable gems
I miss their soft, elegant glow

Red Wolf

Red Wolf

When I was little, Nina had a little fox stole that sat on the top a cushy chair in her bedroom.
Happy Birthday, Nina. Today, she would have turned 83.

18 thoughts on “Nina’s shoulder pads

  1. Happy birthday to Nina. I had a real red fox piece that was given to me at very young age of two or so. I slept with it all the time and carried it through life’s journey until my late 20’s when it died in storage when I moved back to my home town. Humidity and mold. I was very saddened that it passed that way.


  2. beautiful words….I can feel your love for her…..and sense her elegance in life.
    Drawing/painting? is amazing. I sense he is not related to the stole, has forgiven Nina for her penchant toward that stole, and instead is howling in sadness that she is lost to this world. Especially love the shadings/hints of red in the coat. Really like today’s post!


  3. Such sweet memories, AnnMarie. Happy Birthday aunt Nina. (Perhaps she’s listening to your heartfelt words as we speak)
    Very crafty, by the way, how the word, brassiere, sort of places us in a very specific time.


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