it’s never perfect

out of body
feet in the clouds
head below the rest
not moving forward
but losing no ground
heart and soul
right now
a keyboard duet
for an invisible piano
will be studious again
at rock bottom
where the colored paper plays
the pencils swirl
and the brushes sweep into dance
the melody heard
by intruments
not requiring perfect circumstances
they know life
is never perfect
even at its most musical
guitar man

6 thoughts on “it’s never perfect

  1. “life is never perfect, even at its most musical.” Love this line. We were at a talk last night, one I think you would have enjoyed. Dealt with the confluence of music and health. Second speaker was the woman who has spearheaded the music therapy initiative at Mass General Hospital. She spoke, then “showed” by passing out a bag full of pent atomic scale instruments – triangle, some blocks, small xylophones etc – among the audience of about 150. She lead the group, with somewhat adjusted words on the screen overhead “sing, sing a song, sing about happy not sad” etc and it was amazing. Your poem and drawing strike me here as related to this. And wouldn’t it be wonderful interiors existed as a pentagonal scale (all harmonizing notes)? 🙂


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