The Magical Last Light

I’d like to share something that I’ve selfishly kept to myself for many years. It’s free and it’s beautiful.

My favorite moment occurs when conditions are just right: the sky is a foreboding grey, the sinking sun is well onto closing down for the day, and a gentle wind lifts the tree leaves like fluttering butterflies.

The moment begins when the sun’s last rays illuminate just the tree tops. Then it happens–lasting only a few surreal minutes. Nothing else can describe this sight except magical–the magical last light.
trees ligthIt’s truly spectacular. The interior light in my studio softens even the dogs take notice.
dogs studioIt’s like leaving Kansas for Oz…
color treesI hope you enjoyed this moment as much as I. If you take the time to seek out this light, you too will be reminded that all things are possible–even peace on earth…

Reworked old post from 2014, I thought fitting for today 🙂

18 thoughts on “The Magical Last Light

  1. Beautiful photographs … but your prose is simply and lushly luminescent.
    I know that last light well. A perfect, fitting tribute for today.


  2. Thank you thank you thank you for this post. That very special time….the sliver of magic light. Oh that we should all take the time to look for this place, this time…and to breathe a short sigh as we savor it. Beautiful words and beautiful photographs. Especially poignant is the one of Rocky, who has now slipped away into that magical space, that sliver of light.


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