and frolicked in the autumn mist…

Well my friends,
Rocky our loving Shepherd has moved on to that big white kitchen where all are welcome. We are heartbroken, but damn if he didn’t enjoy life. So today my family and Rocky’s sidekick, Mojo the Dachshund are celebrating how he lived. And my friends he lived brightly–that dog lived oh, so very brightly…

Peace, love and light, my sweet canine companion“Puff the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hanalei
Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Hanalei”

rest now, my furry friend


29 thoughts on “and frolicked in the autumn mist…

  1. Sorry for your loss AnnMarie you have my deepest sympathy. He is a beautiful dog and will be waiting for you and your family in heaven. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family this weekend. Take care and be strong. Your dog had a great life and got a lot of love and he loved you and your family. Take care.


    • Thank you, Dan.
      I’ve had many dogs, this guy, Rocky was pretty special. We miss him terribly, but worse would have been watching him suffer. I’m glad he made a difficult decision much easier by going on his own terms.
      I hope you are feeling well. I’m sorry for the delayed responses. I’ve just fallen very behind, but hope to catch up soon.
      Sleep well.

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  2. Oh, AnnMarie, what a beautiful, spirited dog Rocky was — and still will be as remembered by you and your family. I love that idea of a “big white kitchen” in the sky, I like that very much, and I imagine Rocky waiting on scraps under the table or for someone to toss him a ball.

    Living brightly — what more can a person or dog ask for? Rocky was blessed to find you, Keith, Caroline and Max … and of course his little buddy, Mojo — and you all in turn were blessed to have him in your lives. And that’s as it should be; that’s the gift of love. Thinking of you all today, DS.


    • Thank you, D.S.
      I still look for that darn dog at the bottom of the stairs and wagging his tail. He was such a big presence in our lives and we miss him something awful. Writing this right now – my eyes are tearing up…darn….
      So very sorry for all these delays. I’m trying to keep up – but it’s been a tad tough. Hopefully this weekend I’ll catch up and get to post reading.


  3. Oh, AnnMarie, he was lovely! He will definitely be frolicking with that rascal Puff whenever he pleases. I’m sending big California hugs to you and your loved ones as you learn how to keep on going without your sweet friend. – Fawn


    • Thank you, Fawn.
      I’m glad I’ve been so busy. Anytime I have to think – is time to be sad. I keep finding tennis balls around the house. He was such a terrific friend.
      Thank you for your hugs – I’ll take ’em 🙂
      I hope you and yours are well in CA.


  4. What a beautiful majestic photo of Rocky. Some German Shepherds look regal and he does.
    So sad … But also glad to celebrate with you what an energetic and loving force he was within your family. So glad you did the recent portrait of him with his sidekick. Thinking of you…..


    • Thank you, Lillian.
      Rocky really was a fine animal from the day we adopted him through German Shepherd Rescue – we got him at 10 months old and he lived a great life. Selfishly, seven years is too young – but his seven years were packed with good living.
      Thank you for your thoughtful words here.

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