it was just a room

studio gone
it’s just a room
isn’t it
wasn’t it
what has been lost
it was just a room
if one is passionate
about their work
walls shouldn’t matter
or doors
only the spirit
only the heart
the room might be empty
but the mind is full
always full
if one is passionate
it was just a room
after all






24 thoughts on “it was just a room

  1. A room, yes…also a creative hiding place, a place where magic could happen. But with the right inhabitant it can become even more — a loving shelter for a dear one. Change is challenging! Happy Friday, AnnMarie – Fawn


  2. I would love to be able to write some lovely zen-like words of comfort … but I know how internally (probably externally too) difficult this move is for you, AnnMarie. I was thinking of the banner on your blog the other day, wondering if you’d change it, etc. Sad to see the old studio pic go. Anyway, difficult though change can be, I know you’re definitely up to the challenge. As you say, it’s just a room, it was just a room — a great one at that but, ultimately, a room. Your spirit, mind and heart are full of creativity, full of good things that need to be birthed (and you don’t have to change pant sizes to do it! lol) and I have no doubt — I will bet you $100 (chump change to many; to me, a big deal) — that your artistic and writerly talents will flow up and out of your house into the world. [I am drinking wine as I write these words, but dammit if I don’t mean every single one of them.] You can/will overcome this move, AM. Sending good, positive vibes your way.


  3. It’s never just a room and we all know that. It’s part of your heart, soul and art. It’s your inspiration and the place where you are welcome and your ideas live. I’m so sorry you had to give it up. It was asking too much.


    • Well, my mother-in-law is by herself now, and didn’t want to live alone anymore. I understand that. Unfortunately, she can’t do stairs and that meant the studio and piano room had to serve another purpose πŸ™‚ I’ll make this work. I’ve already found (when I eventually get to return to my studio – unpacking boxes now) the downstairs is much quieter. I guess time will tell if it is “just a room.” Gosh, I wish I had your spunk!
      Thank you for your concern, I truly appreciate. And, I apologize for the delayed response. I’ve fallen quite far behind.
      I hope all is well in your creative world πŸ™‚


  4. Beautiful charcoal drawing! Such an amazing talent you have my friend….and the double whammy is there again. Drawing and words. “It’s just a room.” I remember when we sold the house we raised our kids in…..seeing it empty was painful, even though we were moving on in life and the new space was ready to be made a home. And then, in my wander through, I found in my daughter’s closet, these words penciled on the white woodwork: “Abbey Hallberg lived here”…and the years. It’s the life put into the room, right?
    You are one amazing daughter-in-law, my friend. And yes, your passion definitely will follow you downstairs to your new studio.


    • Hi Lillian,
      I’m envisioning Seabiscuit rounding the corner on War Admiral – if little Seabisucit could best colossal War Admiral – then I should be able to catch up on comments and start visiting my wondrous bloggish friends:) I’m getting there. Almost done with the box unpacking, but just today, got called in to sub another 3 weeks…
      I thank you for your thoughtful and most heartwarming words here. And what you wrote above is worthy of print. How beautiful and full-circle the words in the closet. There is a soul in a room and a heart in a house – our memories are inextricably linked. But as the days begin and end, so must life move forward and sometimes the forward carries us to new places.
      I hope all is well.
      I will catch up on my post reading hopefully this weekend.
      I hope you are feeling Bostonian content.

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  5. Yer gonna collect and publish your verses sometime, right? You have a unique voice, my dear A-M. I don’t know many people who can fire off a telling reflection based on a photo of a room being repainted. Your charcoal drawing is very strong. “if one is passionate it was just a room after all” => fantastic line, take ye a bow!


    • Ah, my funny friend! Long time no speak!
      I do apologize for the delayed response. I was out searching for material to make you chuckle. And you know what I got nothin’ – ’cause I ain’t funny πŸ˜‰ And now that my studio is in the basement, the cobwebs are forming – though I might be able to make those work for Halloween:)
      I truly appreciate and respect your vote of confidence, Mark. I have made a half-baked effort in the publishing arena. I’m going to try a bit more seriously just as soon as I can talk the days into being just a bit longer πŸ˜‰
      I hope all is well in your creative world!

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