they enter

they enter
through the revolving door
twirling in and out so quickly
dust flies up behind them
they enter
running up the down escalator
energy so palpable, smiles so bright
we can’t help but do the same
they enter
off the elevator
one primped, polished toe in front of the other
gazing endlessly at reflections
they forget why they took the ride
they enter
through the back entrance
sometimes they stay
but mostly they leave
they enter
through the front door
hugging hello
embracing goodbye
’til we soon meet again
friends til the endteeshirt art previously published

11 thoughts on “they enter

  1. Am, here lately everything is about as clear as mud to me, so I won’t venture an “interpretation” of your post (which would undoubtedly be wrong anyway), but I will say this verse is so very nice and elegant, and yes, mystical in all the right ways that allow a reader to read on various levels and get their own meaning from it. I know how busy you are right now, yet every day you’re publishing at least one, even two posts and knocking it out of the park every single time. I’m in awe, I truly am. (d)


    • I’m on serious brain fry – but there’s light in the park ( I ain’t sayin’ at the end of the tunnel ’cause that is too depressing;)) So – hoping to recharge the batteries next week – just gotta get through this one then Karole will be here soon…
      I thank you for your words of encouragement – I feel like my writing is sinking a bit of late…art too – haven’t been doin’ much.
      bad segue due to fried brain – But all this stuff is open to interpretation or just reading and no thought necessary – it’s okay to do that as well…
      this one for me is about people entering our lives – I was trying to cover the fleeting to forever relationships in one tidy package…
      dinghies, go…c’mon…row…


      • You’re doing great, my friend. No signs of brain fry in your writing or art — and I know there’s no signs of it in your good, caring heart. I like your words here a lot — very much like the idea of how people enter/exit our lives. You’ve done a wonderful job of packaging that important idea. Rowing, Miss, rowing, rowing. It’s Wednesday, AM — light on the horizon. 😉


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