drop foot

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pain and pleasure

I adore this little deer lady. Someday, I must create a few friends for her. I think she’s been stuck on paper too long…

this piece inspired by the infinitely brilliant Stephen Hawking-enlightening us from another universe now


She’s in HOOT!

DS Levy is one of those agile writer’s who slips in dark when you’re headed down a well-lit path. I’m elated she’s returned to WP to share her cosmic talent. DS is a lifelong pursuer of all things ‘writerly,’ and she has taught me much about the writing world. She’s Yoda to my Chewbacca. Check out her new blog and follow along. More marvelous stuff around the corner…

She recently had a flash story, “What I Really Meant,” published in the very cool HOOT Review(April-May 2018). She was so very generous in choosing a figure of mine for her excellent flash story.

The A3

I’ve been so focused on improving my writing, I’ve been neglecting my art of late. Someday, I will again have time to do both. I’m thrilled to have my artwork–a large piece 4’x4′ in real life–be featured in, The A3 Review Gold Issue, #8, April 2018–it’s a pocket-sized magazine sizzling with bountiful brilliance. You must check out their website. And if you’re a writer or an artist, I highly recommend submitting work. If your piece is accepted, you’ll get a basket of treasures!

death does not bother here

into boiling tar black

I cannot see
touching the earth

silent my naked feet
through ant mazes
I follow you

pounding blood
wets my soul
blindness does not hold
ears to deafness in this place
nocturnal rants plow over
rusting tears
I do not reach you
your flesh vanishes
wind through light

shadows no longer
chain dreams
to this hollow
its emptiness curdling
the stench sour
senses abandon
chill my heart
I can no longer find my way home
I do not want to
death does not bother here
sketched during road trip to New Hampshire

a little fleshy fun…

a little fleshy fun…

your hold is not on my heart
it’s under my skin
you have me
eating out of your hand
and I can’t escape
I’m wrapped around your finger
bound quite tightly
under your thumb

my friends often warn
I should be more wary
but I’m defiantly thick-skinned
and absolutely stuck on you

either that
or just very

Two Head

Weird Hat done a few months ago just for fun…

Blogger G

would I know you, Blogger G
would you know me
if we passed each other on the street
on a mountain path
in a crowded mall
in a dark crevice
would I feel your words
would you sense my visual energy
is there a virtual language we might speak

do we know each other well enough
to know each other at all
all this time
intimately connecting at the push of a button
I wonder, Blogger G
would we hug
would it be a handshake
perhaps something more

how well do we know one another
when these machines allow us to be
whoever we want
there are times
Blogger G

I will admit
I write while pretending I’m someone else
my art
might represent me
other times, I don’t know what it means
how about you
Blogger G
do you create as yourself
or do you channel some netherworld persona

I think, my friend
unless we are wearing
our digital masks
we won’t even know when
we’ve stepped on each others’ toes
so I wonder
Blogger G
after all this time
if we ever really knew each other at all…

mint eyes

mint eyes

bakery special

the first time I saw you
I loved Rocky
you didn’t know that
you were like Stallone
but much taller, good for my tallness
I was working behind the bakery counter at the mall
you caught me staring
I looked for you after that
next time, I caught you staring
and then
there you were one day
waiting for me at the bakery counter
I was so nervous when you asked for my address
I wrote ‘Cannoli-al’ instead of Colonial
you wore a big, bright football jacket that fit your gleaming black Mustang
I thought I hit the jackpot
you thought you’d use me
I thought again, the joke is on you
I’m not that special

Smiling Clown

Smiling Clown

Clown done a few months back and previously published.
Poem goes way back to high school DAZE 😉