She’s in HOOT!

DS Levy is one of those agile writer’s who slips in dark when you’re headed down a well-lit path. I’m elated she’s returned to WP to share her cosmic talent. DS is a lifelong pursuer of all things ‘writerly,’ and she has taught me much about the writing world. She’s Yoda to my Chewbacca. Check out her new blog and follow along. More marvelous stuff around the corner…

She recently had a flash story, “What I Really Meant,” published in the very cool HOOT Review(April-May 2018). She was so very generous in choosing a figure of mine for her excellent flash story.

10 thoughts on “She’s in HOOT!

  1. [Okay, Miss — so you’re more sophisticated on WP than I am. I wrote a comment but it seems to have appeared on my WP site (which is swell), but I’’ve copied and am posting it here, too. If this is a copy, please forgive, delete one, your preference.]

    Oh, my Italian sister-in-writing-implements, how you do make me blush. Thank you ever so much for your kind, sweet, generous words — I am truly honored. And thank you for the WP plug as well. 🙂

    “She’s Yod to my Chewbacca” — ha, that’s great! You’re such a HOOT! (Get it?) 😉

    Seriously though, AM — thank you again, and of course let’s not forget your AMAZING ART, without which my piece would be just another bunch of words floating on a page (well, screen). You are so doubly-blessed: art and writing, writing and art. You must use your God-given talents, my friend. Always and forever.

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    • thanks for the Miss – not Mrs, or Ms or the dreaded Ma’am – how an M used the wrong way will make one old 😄
      lol HOOT – like it Levy!
      your writing must jettison out there and be read by many more (positive use of m’s here)
      look forward to many more pub’d pieces
      hope you’re writing away ’cause you know why!😄

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      • Many more pub’d pieces by YOU, Miss.
        Do I know why? Why are we put on this earth, to do what? What’s my purpose? Yadda yadda yadda. LOL
        Hey, the other day in Ann Arbor a young kid almost ran into me and said, “Excuse me, sir” – at least you’re not getting called THAT! (Time to let my hair grow again, dammit.)

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      • I’ll work on the pub’ing (as long as the pub sells wine😉)
        DS – you’re too freakin’ funny
        I got called a boy ’til I was in my teens – if memory serves – late blooming and all that
        I’ve decided to let my hair have its way – experiment – can it grow as long as it once did – well passed the ass😊
        grow those golden locks!

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