freakishly strong


I am vain

This piece inspired by my face, currently a disaster of stress rash. Apparently, holding back, in an attempt to be monstrously strong, isn’t good for you. I can now use my face like a 70’s mood ring. Never believed I was vain, but lately I’m hiding in the shadows along with my creatures.

it was to be of us

it was to be a universe of us
out there
we started so strong
perfect was the word I used
delightful was your deal
we matched
didn’t we?
spirited thoroughbreds out of the gate
but we weren’t ready
were we?
the world was loaded with faces
ripened bodies luring us away
from our interlocked hands
we fell to weakness
or was it easy desperation?
no better than horses in heat doing what comes naturally
missteps out of that gate
from the house
our glossy domicile collapsed upon itself
crumbling as it stood
on us
this neo-perfect world piled high with rubble
no longer hard and shiny
those other faces disappeared
in the din of our breaking mortar
none of them ever planned on staying
I guess
did we
rocky torso

Feeníx: Beauty’s Cutting ‘Age’ Procedure

is a cutting edge cosmetic procedure.
This miraculous process halts aging!
Feeníx is derived from plant cellulose.
A microscopic cellulose skin is sealed to the epidermis
utilizing tanning bed technology.
This procedure is pain-free and completely safe.
Feeníx looks and feels absolutely natural.
The moment Feeníx is applied
skin not only appears 98% wrinkle-free,
the signs of natural aging disappear for decades.
Feeníx is expensive,
but then beauty’s allure is often found in its cost.

There is a remote possibility that
the sensation of being touched could be lessened or lost completely.
This result affected an insignificant number of test subjects,
who were otherwise ecstatic over their skin’s new youthful appearance…

I Naturally/mixed media

I Naturally/mixed media

this illustration was done when the writer was 19 and wrinkle free 😉

alien theory II: implanting heroes

Far in the future (hopefully) industrious aliens land on earth, specifically North America. While conducting homestead research, their sublocators are drawn to human skeletons.

Locator data reveals a periodic match: The dust that formed earth (billions of years ago) originating as silicone and oxygen (from exploding stars) has also been found in female bones on the east and west coast.

While conducting additional research, the aliens uncover millions of photo files. Soon they understand how these silicone-carriers were magnanimously celebrated by the human race.

The aliens go on to teach their offspring how earthlings protected precious silicone payloads beneath their own skin in two great bags carried near the heart.

The aliens decide to occupy earth and also come to revere big-breasted gals. They  wonder whatever happened to the god, Hugh Hefner and his rabbits.

“It was heroic implanted females who tried saving the human race from its silicone doom…”

nano, nano…
boobellathis is a little giant enhancement ‘humor’ only
not reconstructive surgery due to illness…thank you

when the delicate daughter was quite young, she asked her mom why the girl on the magazine cover had a “toosh” under her neck…

quickie sketch – shortest one yet!


you know what hurts
besides hitting the bold key by accident
he will never love you
too many of ‘those’ women
prancing the inside lane
you’re not even allowed near the thoroughbreds
at best, you’re a mudder –
on a good day
if he enjoyed plowing the fields
and sweating under winter’s sun
he might appreciate your broad shoulders
wide wrists
and footsteps that echo


horses, giraffes – who knows – painted for an exhibit long ago entitled, “Creatured”