defenseless armor

sad, tragic for earth, for us, is the loss of this magnificent beast-the last male northern white rhino-gone-that is all

he doesn’t care, we should

hi there –
The Avocet is a fabulous homage to nature and all its creatures – print issue available for ordering – a worthy and noble cause
I’m placing my poem – he doesn’t care – below:

he doesn’t care

he doesn’t care about crowns
he doesn’t know he is a king
he doesn’t care
his only kingdom is survival
we attached a silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine specie classification
all listed below us
we name each
for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we covet
unlike the magnificent beasts who
fly, leap, sprint, swim, glide
in ways that make us
desire trophies

we must manufacture superiority
we love roaring–
we are the rulers of this kingdom
you are only– 
 King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you

rock hiding

have you ever tried hiding beneath a large rock
it’s not easy
crawling under a sizable boulder – nearly impossible
use the sledge hammer
you should’ve used before
to smash the rock you don’t fit under
gather the fragments
lob them with abandon
mindlessly throwing crap is liberating

whenever you’re low enough
to slide beneath a large rock
imagine its terrific mass
every fragment heaved
liberate your heavy soul
collect your heaving breath
there are not enough large rocks in the world
to crush your spirit

but there is a toasty slice of shale
to relax upon

Whale/WolverineIn the animal world, not too many animals can trump the spirit of the wolverine. A 45-pound wolverine can take down a 1,200-pound moose in deep snow. Sadly, as powerful as the wolverines are, they are endangered and need help as do so many other species. Illustrations done awhile back

Top illustration: Bigfoot, also done a few months back

the S word

each one of us
gets stuffed into a human skin
and chucked onto the world map
from there shit happens
we bound around
based on how we’ve defined
the S word

my first recollection of this word,
a football cheer from way back
my high school years
saddle-shoed cheerleaders would sing out
that’s the way you spell success…”
I remember thinking
well, I’m already not a
I’m not a cheerleader

for many
Success is easy
it’s simply surviving
to witness another sunrise

for those of us not focused on
food, water, air, health
Success becomes something
entirely different

what is it we want
when we have the “freedom”
to make “choices”

I end here
because it is not for me to say
this is an intimate and personal journey
I leave with just a thought

the S word
begins with

and that’s what it will do
if you let it…
baby gorillaevery gorilla species is endangered, today many organizations and individuals are working tirelessly to return these gorgeous animals back to a survival success story

‘see’ turtle

tortoiseArmored carapace
marries this hide to my hundred-year-old body
This union of protection

sallies my ancient form through waters
older than you or I
Brothers and sisters
honor the places your body moves upon
Respect the glory of the four elements
with guardianship as infinite as the heavens
Do not let your watchful eyes wither
like naked flesh in burning sand

I must breathe
You must breathe

Oceans must breathe
Do you understand
I only ask because
it seems many have forgotten

He doesn’t care about crowns…

King of the Jungle
he did not name himself
he does not know he is a king
he does not care
his only kingdom is survival
man gave him this silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine all specie classifications
to list below us
we name them all

for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we do not possess
but only become so with great effort
not like the animals
who fly, leap, run, swim
in a way that makes us
desire trophies
reminders of our manufactured superiority
and how we do love roaring
we are the rulers of this earthly kingdom
you are only, King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you…
Lionesslioness created in Prisma pencil 2007
(used ref photos – wish I’d kept track, this may have been from Nat Geo?)