bitter lioness

Shuffling on the dry balls of your padded paws.
Impermanence, your affliction.
Hard exacting breaths from decades of sauntering.
Protesting each movement to fling earth’s weight from your mind.
The weight must land elsewhere.
No more burning up the open plains.
Alive with dullness.
You, a bitter lioness.
Working bones unasked for fractional effort.
Heart wanting recompense from both moon and sun.
Roaring from miles away at injustices served.
Laying waste to shared land.
Sour notes break into others’ dreams.
The bitter lioness will disappear.
Upon the shrinking sands, an old lion slaughters its cubs.
And all other reminders of its imminent death.

Lioness after Lunch/Prisma



beneath those shoulders

the shoes beneath those shoulders
can’t find a way back
faces perplex
especially your own
failing to recognize
too familiar eyes that have shown you the world
in your small space
and when smiling out there
they hold in other things
you are not who they think you are
but you were yesterday
or so they would have you believe

perhaps tomorrow
you will be someone else
or maybe
the shoes beneath those shoulders
will point homeward on loose gravel

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

this blue guy is a friend to all:)

insatiable appetite

like a rogue lioness
I would have pounced
but that was then
(I’m not going to say)
and this is now
too predictable
both in word and deed

if I’ve accumulated anything
by virtue of the sinking sun
the lioness
is never predictable

as low as her folded hide may hang
as glazed as those golden eyes may glow
that broad chest of hers will never ferry ancient artifacts
each day of each year feeds her feline ribs
with fresh promise

a lioness
has an insatiable appetite, my friends
for pulsating life
for playing to her strengths

and so it goes

back then I would have pounced
but now I’ll observe awhile
before deciding whether or not to jump
on your flesh

say, aren’t you lucky
LionessI was listening to Glenn Miller while brushing my teeth and this popped into my head, I pounced down the basement stairs;) and released it here
I like this lioness – I’ve shown her several times before
I did use a reference image but I can’t remember from where, sorry


holiday sweetness swallowed
digested sugared out cells

something of substance now
coaxed to inspiration through stiffening fingers
by broad daylight shafts of the Bilco
they both open you know
two doors
easily transporting giant dollhouse furniture
in and out
one should build choices
in life’s structure

as cornered animals never fare well
and cornered humans far worse
if it’s passion you seek 
shove the cumbersome drafting table
or dense writing desk
by the Bilco
keep those doors open
welcome the frigid air
to stoke your muse
and let the distant sun
melt your inhibitions

Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

shown a few times – he’s one of my favorites

He doesn’t care about crowns…

King of the Jungle
he did not name himself
he does not know he is a king
he does not care
his only kingdom is survival
man gave him this silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine all specie classifications
to list below us
we name them all

for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we do not possess
but only become so with great effort
not like the animals
who fly, leap, run, swim
in a way that makes us
desire trophies
reminders of our manufactured superiority
and how we do love roaring
we are the rulers of this earthly kingdom
you are only, King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you…
Lionesslioness created in Prisma pencil 2007
(used ref photos – wish I’d kept track, this may have been from Nat Geo?)


Please Bear with Me, Don’t Think I’m Lion on My Laurels

Dear Friends,
I treated myself to a new scanner last week. My old one had been collecting dust. To date, all the art in my posts, with the exception of reblogs, has been photographed with my iPhone, emailed to my computer, then downloaded to the blog.

My pending Blogtox injection has made me a better person. Seeing art thumbnails together on screen brought me to the stark realization – I’m a lousy photographer. Many of my ‘characters’ drawn on white paper appear to have different colored backgrounds: dying rose pink, smudged dirt grey, speckly frazzled blue on screen… I’ve since rescanned all recent pieces done on white paper. Now, I’m onto the rest…

So, why do I tell you all this boring stuff? I’m apologizing in advance. As I go through the rescanning process, once in awhile you may see a drawing you’ve seen before. For instance, the lioness below is one I used sometime ago in a previous post. I felt she deserved a nice scan. Here she is making her scanning debut, Lioness after Lunch, in all her splendor and red sauce.

lionessPlease bear with me – you haven’t seen the bear yet 🙂 – as I clean up my act and attempt to get ann together.

bearThank you. May you dream of fabulous photos free of dust, grime and red-eye…
Lioness After Lunch, and Bear Shy, drawn eight years ago, when I hung ’round the kids when they played outside.
I used reference photos for lioness, but I can’t remember from where…perhaps Nat Geo or a African Wildlife book, maybe both?

When You’re Lonely, Tell Your ‘Tail’

Dear Friends,
Those of you kind enough to pass by here and read occasionally know I’m a substitute teacher. Oddly, knowing what I know now, I’ve come to realize there are no substitutes for teachers. And, after four years of walking institutional hallways, I’ve also become a keen observer of student faces. Sometimes, the sea of faces makes me a bit blue. The stoic countenances – not the ones miserable to be in school, or the teens who didn’t want to wake at 7 AM – but the students who give the impression they could use a good friend or two. These down-turned mouths make me think back to my school face.
catholic school

So I came up with a friend who has the heart of a lion, the resourcefulness of a cat and the ability to find comfort in conversing with someone else – even if it is his own tail.

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

Thank you. May you dream of one thousand magical tales and one dear friend…
Blue Lion Tail created yesterday after subbing