He Doesn’t Care, poem published in the Avocet

he doesn’t care

he doesn’t care about crowns
he doesn’t know he is a king
his only kingdom is survival

we attached a silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine specie classification
all listed below us
we name each

for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we covet

we only become great with great effort
not like them
who fly, leap, run, swim
in a way that makes us
desire trophies

we manufacture superiority
how we love roaring
we are the rulers of this earthly kingdom
you are only, King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you…
Lionessdrawn with prisma pencils a few years back


20 thoughts on “He Doesn’t Care, poem published in the Avocet

  1. “reminders of our manufactured superiority
    and how we do love roaring”…..Love these lines. I especially like the white speckles in the center of his lower lip — it makes them look so real, so textured…hard to put into words here. This is especially poignant what with the lion killed by the American dentist….such a shame that humans feel the need to put heads on their walls…..and who’s to say all the species we name (naming is such a powerful act) are truly below us? Excellent and thought provoking piece — words and lioness.


  2. I wish the lion would have torn him to shreds and shared his disgusting body with all the animals and birds. And then they should have taken his bones and salted him and buried him in a pit so that his genes and DNA would never be found and he would be forgotten forever.


  3. Just tweeted this, Miss. You know, reading your post (wunderbar, btw), I had a “lightbulb moment”: I’d never thought about the names we give animals before. I know that may sound silly, but I was thinking that animals don’t really know “what” they are — we’ve ascribed name, value, worth, etc. Now, if only somehow we could undo “King of the Jungle” so that idiot hunters wouldn’t be tempted to possess that kingliness, maybe we could undo some major damage to our animal populations. Anyhoo, what I’m trying to say is this is a most thought-provoking post, AM — well-done, good job, well said! d


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