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if you haven’t checked it out, I had a love poem published on the ever-inspiring FOXGLOVE JOURNAL
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bad for grizzlies

what have you done to me
I pride myself on strength
both physical and mental
I could fend off an agitated bear
(with a few supplies)
you flummox me at every turn
I sense when you are near but it doesn’t matter
I’d rather face ten angry grizzlies than attempt a lame-ass escape
from you

I’ve survived endless seasons to earn these instincts
a quiver of arrows hangs peacefully at my side
why do I manipulate their shafts into dream catchers now
you can hear green skin pressed against chlorophyll
my forest camouflage is a useless cloaking device

I seek refuge in the trees
observe snakes coiling around branches

you crawl up my tree then my spine
until you’re in my head

a bad meeting place for us all–even the grizzlies
I scare them the most
when I’m at my weakest
grizzly headgrizzly-mixed media created in 2007 – thank you

He doesn’t care about crowns…

King of the Jungle
he did not name himself
he does not know he is a king
he does not care
his only kingdom is survival
man gave him this silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine all specie classifications
to list below us
we name them all

for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we do not possess
but only become so with great effort
not like the animals
who fly, leap, run, swim
in a way that makes us
desire trophies
reminders of our manufactured superiority
and how we do love roaring
we are the rulers of this earthly kingdom
you are only, King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you…
Lionesslioness created in Prisma pencil 2007
(used ref photos – wish I’d kept track, this may have been from Nat Geo?)


Tonight, I Am a Lynx

My Friends,
There are days I’m a powerful lioness hunting together with my pride. Other days I’m a cheetah running with spectacular bursts of speed. Sometimes I’m a spoiled, domestic cat sleeping in the lap of a friend, by a warm fire.

I learned tonight that the lynx is found in boreal forests that have cold, snowy winters. But what caught my attention about this beautiful predator, is its sense of solitude. The lynx likes to hunt and travel alone. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.

As the icy snow adds deeper dimension to the undulating ground cover and the winter chill ignores the thermal windowpanes there is an odd sense that time has stopped. Tonight, I imagine myself a lynx and the idea of being alone is a nice one. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.
lynx eyesThank you. May you dream a soft, sleepy winter night and traveling quietly, your paws softly pattering in clouds of snow.
Lynx created in 2007

Hiding Blue Bull

Dear Friends,
Keeping in the spirit of Halloween and all things ‘monsterish’ – here’s Blue Bull. Yes, I know he’s mostly green, but his eyes are bedazzling blue. Blue Bull is a shy ‘fella’ with the strength of a thousand men. Though he wishes no harm to person or creature, he’s relentlessly hunted. Blue Bull’s gorgeous eyes and odd coloration make him a highly desired prize – a rare trophy – humans crave. How man adores his pretty things…
Taurean Bull
Blue Bull knows fear and feels safest among the cows.We cannot see him hiding there. Most humans when passing by cows, are only capable of seeing black and white.
Hiding Bull

Thank you. May you dream of sleeping on the cool green grass, looking up at the bedazzling, blue stars…
Please keep West Africa in your thoughts…

Blue Bull and Cow Patch created 2008 for monster project…


Animal Bullies

Dear Friends,
There is something so absolutely pacifying in a wagging tail or a wet nose against a palm. Animals bring magic to our lives. They make us smile-

car and mojoIt is so very sad when animals languish in shelters. Are we not their caretakers?  It is so very sad when magnificent creatures are cut down because it is easy. One wouldn’t dare approach a gorilla bare-fisted. Our power is in body-splitting metal equipment only, we own nothing naturally. We trigger from a safe distance then take our prizes in hands and horns and leave the rest to waste. How sad for us.

gorilla I hold hope, as many of you do. We are better than those few who maim for profit. We are better than those who buy then throw on the street because the puppy didn’t fit ‘the dream.’ We will be better. We are good and kind and animals too…

rhinoThank you and goodnight. May you dream of fantastic jungles and leap from vines of silken pillows.
Peace my friends…
Delicate Daughter and Mojo the Dachshund taken in 2013, gorilla and rhino sketched in 2008