a mother’s pride

thanks to people’s generosity, max’s friend has a round trip ticket for the holidays
top left (Christmas 2017, max’s beautiful sister Caroline holding Mojo the wiener dog and to the right – max)

bottom right (max’s 2017 high school graduation snap)



is that all there is
have you given everythin’ you got
if this is it
all there is
and there ain’t anymore
why you not pushin’
all the way
what ya doin’
I’ve been waitin’ here
for you
to stop bein’ you
and start

aren’t I worth an effort
you certainly are
glimmers be there
though you hide ’em as best ya can
I know you
I know you
I wish you was inside me now
man, the things we would do
could do
don’t ya know
I’d never hurt you
I get you
need you so bad
to understand

better getta move on
time to steel those wobblin’ guts
have I given’ it my all
man up, AM (insert your initials here)
what the hell
ya waitin’ for
hurry up
before you
and yer words
fade away
to nuttin’
don’t usually post my face but I liked fading the image away with the words-thank you

it was to be of us

it was to be a universe of us
out there
we started so strong
perfect was the word I used
delightful was your deal
we matched
didn’t we?
spirited thoroughbreds out of the gate
but we weren’t ready
were we?
the world was loaded with faces
ripened bodies luring us away
from our interlocked hands
we fell to weakness
or was it easy desperation?
no better than horses in heat doing what comes naturally
missteps out of that gate
from the house
our glossy domicile collapsed upon itself
crumbling as it stood
on us
this neo-perfect world piled high with rubble
no longer hard and shiny
those other faces disappeared
in the din of our breaking mortar
none of them ever planned on staying
I guess
did we
rocky torso

He doesn’t care about crowns…

King of the Jungle
he did not name himself
he does not know he is a king
he does not care
his only kingdom is survival
man gave him this silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine all specie classifications
to list below us
we name them all

for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we do not possess
but only become so with great effort
not like the animals
who fly, leap, run, swim
in a way that makes us
desire trophies
reminders of our manufactured superiority
and how we do love roaring
we are the rulers of this earthly kingdom
you are only, King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you…
Lionesslioness created in Prisma pencil 2007
(used ref photos – wish I’d kept track, this may have been from Nat Geo?)