they will hear 86

I know right, so much death. I apologize, but I’m writing what’s in my heart. There are no living words at the moment. ❤


It’s okay to give AnnMarie 2 birthday presents

Zoo Balloons

True Story

My parents got to the hospital just in time for me to enter the world. I was born several minutes past midnight, deep inside the womb of Saint Mary’s. When my dad went to pay the bill, he was informed by a dulcet-faced nun, he owed not for one but two full days. He inquired about the additional charges.

The congenial nun responded, “According to our paperwork, your daughter was born on May 19th, not May 20th. Our records do not reflect daylight savings time.”

Vito didn’t like being taken advantage of even by elevated folks of the cloth. He argued with the administrative woman of God. But with wife and newborn held as good faith collateral, my father relented and paid the extra twenty dollars.

I retell this story every May 19th to remind anyone who might care – “It’s okay to give AnnMarie, 2 birthday presents.”

God bless:)

eyes piercing

dad-hsback when men were men
silent pain and strong hands
I remember other agents gathering around him at parties
women telling him what a handsome figure he cut
he smiled in his broad shouldered frame of 6’2
eyes piercing as was that deep voice
terrifying as a child
now remarkable
listening to his life stories
mesmerizing in detail, poetic in delivery, exciting in fact
an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation
as a kid staring up at him
I believed any criminal in my father’s path
immediately surrendered themselves

rather than deal with this larger than life, slice of human
friends called him Bill, the rest–Vito
judicious and fair before earning the law degree
an amazing and prolific career
mafia cases and colorful gangsters
the temper, he still has it
no patience for silliness, but all the time in the world for family
not a day goes by
when I don’t think of him
of the exceptional driving force
his charismatic personality has infused
and continues to…
dad coast guard  dad-shooting rangeHappy 84th Birthday, Dad
dad and mom

shy party dog

shy party dog

top photo – Brooklyn Tech, 2nd – Coast Guard, 3rd – firearms practice, 4th –  my mother-in-law on left, dad center, mom on right

Shy Party Dog created last year for his 83rd B’day 🙂

Shy Party Dog

Dear Friends,
This upcoming weekend my father will be celebrating his 83 birthday. The man called Vito, is still tough as nails and hard as a hammer. The entire la famiglia will be gathering for this auspicious occasion. My father and mother visited my home last weekend to help celebrate my mother-in-law’s 81st birthday.

During this last visit, as he sometimes does, my dad dug out some of his F.B.I. escapades. My father is a fantastic storyteller. His attention to detail, his character profiles, his memory and his sheer joy in recounting the days as a successful agent never cease to captivate. Our family is quite blessed to still have our strong patriarch.

This is one of my favorite photos of my parents, circa 1980-

mom and dadSince I’ve had birthdays on the brain, Shy Party Dog manifested-
shy party dog
Thank you and goodnight. May you dream of fantastic parties held in your honor…