Silent Tiger Begging

I want your jagged black and fire stripes, mine are painted on
I need your rich dense bones, you will heal my afflictions
I desire your feline strength, my soul is weak
I covet your golden eyes, mine are merely human
I praise your elegant mystique, I have no patience
I mimic your sulky jungle stride, urban agility is necessary
I admire your powerful body, alone in mine I am nothing
I will kill you and take what I must have
When there are no more of you
I will move on to the next…
tigerThe tiger’s entire body is in demand for folk remedies, traditional medicines, parts/trophies, status symbols, rugs… The tiger has been targeted especially hard by poachers. Tiger populations have been drastically reduced worldwide.
Please dream of all species surviving…as is their right

Tiger in Prisma done a few years back.


Animal Bullies

Dear Friends,
There is something so absolutely pacifying in a wagging tail or a wet nose against a palm. Animals bring magic to our lives. They make us smile-

car and mojoIt is so very sad when animals languish in shelters. Are we not their caretakers?  It is so very sad when magnificent creatures are cut down because it is easy. One wouldn’t dare approach a gorilla bare-fisted. Our power is in body-splitting metal equipment only, we own nothing naturally. We trigger from a safe distance then take our prizes in hands and horns and leave the rest to waste. How sad for us.

gorilla I hold hope, as many of you do. We are better than those few who maim for profit. We are better than those who buy then throw on the street because the puppy didn’t fit ‘the dream.’ We will be better. We are good and kind and animals too…

rhinoThank you and goodnight. May you dream of fantastic jungles and leap from vines of silken pillows.
Peace my friends…
Delicate Daughter and Mojo the Dachshund taken in 2013, gorilla and rhino sketched in 2008