selling crap is worth every penny

rabbits need foster homes
bunny butts need to be supported or they fear predators are eating them
Mary’s husband was a Vietnam Vet
for years he tumbled out of their bed with the shakes in the middle of the night
an elderly gentleman named Joe believes men know they’re officially old
when lovely young women ask if they need assistance carrying boxes
young kids who enjoy reading Harry Potter
will most likely enjoy reading Percy Jackson
if you put Marilyn Monroe’s image on anything
even garage sale signs, she will be stolen
putting Marilyn Monroe’s image on garage sale signs
if you say free coffee
people still think they have to pay
kids eat free cookies with joy
adults eat them sheepishly
many drivers of luxury cars
relish finding great deals
a five dollar chair that you bought for $200 long ago
will be sold for one dollar paid in quarters and pennies
people will give twenties when you don’t have change
people will give change from plastic snack bags
a horse working for less than three minutes on Saturday made a hell of a lot more money
than I did this weekend
giving stuff away for free that others can use
is the best feeling in the world
taking a break from WordPress
reminds one that it’s not Mac wearing the pants
learned more this weekend at my silly garage sale
than I have in a long time
PINK MMpart of my silly garage sale sign sans boring info


my beautiful

we see the world differently
sometimes we don’t speak the same language
I’m a flesh and blood train wreck
often shamed by your benevolence
I wonder why you continue loving me
is there something you know that I don’t
while I dissect, ponder and worry
you patiently watch with a warmth
that tamps my pounding heart back into a steady beat
you sidle me when I’m lonely
refusing to allow my tears to burden the floor
your honest eyes convince me
again and again
why I love you
my beautiful dog
yes, I know it’s time for your dinner

Our beloved Chama 1997 – 2009
Let’s hope more shelter animals find homes…
This post is dedicated to C-Dog – a site that champions human benevolence for all animals. Also, a shout out to newcomer, Lillian the Home Poet who reminded me this very morning about the generosity of our beloved pets.
C-Dog is currently on hiatus (hopefully not too long:) )

Today’s Meaning Today

The meaning of today
vaulted ceilings
men in robes
choirs singing

The meaning of today
not enough roofs
men in silk
masses crying

The meaning of today
shelter in hope
clothe the naked
feed the hungry

Give meaning

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

May you dream that all people can dream…
Happy Easter to those of you celebrating
Happy Sunday to all

Dream Catcher created a few months ago, previously published.


‘Catually’ I’m a Dog Person

Dear Friends,
I’m a dog person. Why? I grew up with dogs. Our first family dog was a beautiful German Shepherd named Tima. I remember Tima well. I can still picture the little, black Shepherd pup being released from my father’s firm grasp. Since my first childhood dog, I’ve been proud friend to Rosie, Pudkin, Chama and now Rocky – all Shepherds – all special.

I was nine when I had my first “close encounter” with a cat. I befriended a mysterious grey cat I’d discovered slinking around the park down the street from my house. I assumed she was homeless. I can’t remember why. This gold-eyed feline seemed so very alien to me. The way she moved and the way she stared at me, so unlike a dog. I could always tell what dogs were thinking. This cat wouldn’t tell me anything she didn’t want me to know. I started bringing her a bowl of milk every morning. Then one day I tried petting the grey cat’s head. She nipped my finger and ran away. I never saw her again.

I eventually did manage adopting a cat when I was in my twenties. I was renting a house with several roommates, one of whom was my younger sister. Mimi was a sweet black cat with stubby legs. Mimi behaved like a dog. She came running whenever you called her name. My sister kept Mimi when I moved from the house. Mimi went on to live many long wonderful years, outliving all my dogs. To this day, whenever a black cat crosses my path, I smile.
Striped Cat

So here’s to dogs and to cats – hoping many of these beautiful creatures find warmth and comfort this holiday season.

Thank you. May you dream of hypnotic cats and slumbering dogs…
Cat Stripes created a few weeks ago after feeding the dogs.

Animal Bullies

Dear Friends,
There is something so absolutely pacifying in a wagging tail or a wet nose against a palm. Animals bring magic to our lives. They make us smile-

car and mojoIt is so very sad when animals languish in shelters. Are we not their caretakers?  It is so very sad when magnificent creatures are cut down because it is easy. One wouldn’t dare approach a gorilla bare-fisted. Our power is in body-splitting metal equipment only, we own nothing naturally. We trigger from a safe distance then take our prizes in hands and horns and leave the rest to waste. How sad for us.

gorilla I hold hope, as many of you do. We are better than those few who maim for profit. We are better than those who buy then throw on the street because the puppy didn’t fit ‘the dream.’ We will be better. We are good and kind and animals too…

rhinoThank you and goodnight. May you dream of fantastic jungles and leap from vines of silken pillows.
Peace my friends…
Delicate Daughter and Mojo the Dachshund taken in 2013, gorilla and rhino sketched in 2008