selling crap is worth every penny

rabbits need foster homes
bunny butts need to be supported or they fear predators are eating them
Mary’s husband was a Vietnam Vet
for years he tumbled out of their bed with the shakes in the middle of the night
an elderly gentleman named Joe believes men know they’re officially old
when lovely young women ask if they need assistance carrying boxes
young kids who enjoy reading Harry Potter
will most likely enjoy reading Percy Jackson
if you put Marilyn Monroe’s image on anything
even garage sale signs, she will be stolen
putting Marilyn Monroe’s image on garage sale signs
if you say free coffee
people still think they have to pay
kids eat free cookies with joy
adults eat them sheepishly
many drivers of luxury cars
relish finding great deals
a five dollar chair that you bought for $200 long ago
will be sold for one dollar paid in quarters and pennies
people will give twenties when you don’t have change
people will give change from plastic snack bags
a horse working for less than three minutes on Saturday made a hell of a lot more money
than I did this weekend
giving stuff away for free that others can use
is the best feeling in the world
taking a break from WordPress
reminds one that it’s not Mac wearing the pants
learned more this weekend at my silly garage sale
than I have in a long time
PINK MMpart of my silly garage sale sign sans boring info

30 thoughts on “selling crap is worth every penny

  1. Love garage/yard sales. People are so friendly and it’s not the money usually, it’s the down-sizing. To live with more simplicity or find a unique treasure. Anything that is left over, I would give away to a charity. Things aren’t important in the end, it’s the giving.

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  2. I would stop for your MM sign…but then, I am a garage sale nut. I think they are fun to visit and even more fun to have (I’m sale chairperson for our church, for Heaven’s sake). Love the free cookies! – Fawn


  3. Welcome back!!!
    “an elderly gentleman named Joe believes men know they’re officially old
    when lovely young women ask if they need assistance carrying boxes”
    LOVE these lines…..reminds me how frustrated I am when some young thing offers me their seat on the T. REALLY?? Do I look that old??? Yep – garage sales or sidewalk sales or whatever they’re called these days, are definitely a learning experience! And to think that in my mother’s day they were called Rummage Sales and we actually invited any Tom, Dick, Mary or Jane into our basement to see our wares!!!! See you for coffee tomorrow?

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    • Morning Lillian,
      This was actually my second sale. I had one a few years back preblogging. If memory serves it was equally as interesting. I remember “rummage sales.” Gosh, even the name harkens back to a more authentic time. It felt great taking a few tech detox days. Hope yo had a fabulous Bostonian weekend. am:)

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  4. It’s all about the purging and hoping someone else can appreciate your crap without putting it into a landfill. All good!


  5. AnnMarie, I’m sure your garage sale taught you a lot and then some about life — it’s evident in your post/poem. It’s also evident you’re a) a keen observer of human nature, b) an artist/writer with an “eye” for the story and what’s really going on, and c) a big-hearted, warm and kind (there’s some redundancy there but it all fits, is all true) individual who cares for and respects others no matter where they come from. [Btw: I copied your listing technique, LOL] And while I’m glad you took a break from Mac — shown him what’s what! — I’m also selfishly grateful you’re back, πŸ˜‰ D

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    • Hi Deb,
      My mom and dad were also helping out. My mom never ceases to amaze with her boundless energy. Every once in a my dad would come and sit outside to observe, I loved watching his face. I’d follow his retired FBI-eyes always wondering – and thinking – he’s still figuring out each person’s story…
      I’m subbing today (actually a few days this week), booo.
      Thank you for you most sweet words πŸ™‚


  6. Good morning! My aunt was a rabid rummage sale queen! She had 5 kids and I think she clothed them all from sales πŸ™‚ She had one herself every year. Family lore says that one year, a lady wanted mens’ socks and she had none for sale. So she ran upstairs and pulled all Uncle Jim’s out from his drawer and sold them! Next morning, Uncle Jim had to go sockless to work! πŸ™‚ We were in DC for weekend with daughter and family. Her husband is a composer. The Capitol Chorale did an entire concert of his music – fabulous! Kevin Siegfried if you care to google him — some of his music can be listened to on his site.

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    • Your aunt sounds not only savvy but quite witty. It takes great confidence to send a working man “sockless” to work πŸ˜‰ What a wonderful treasure of a story.
      Oh, that’s right I’d forgotten you’d mentioned going to DC. I’m duly impressed with the musical bkgd – I will give a listen later. You all must be so very proud. Just yesterday, my son was doing his homework while listening to the 1800’s compositional ‘stylings’ of Robert Allen. He came to appreciate Allen last year after playing the composer’s ‘Locomotive’ piece in school band. My son plays the trombone – though it has been taking a back seat to wrestling and football. I’m so glad Max still loves his music though…

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  7. Wonderful post, AM. All so true! And that break from WP? I just did it, it wasn’t planned, it just happened and I “think” it did good. We seem to get the same thrills and satisfaction. BTW, I’m looking for chairs! Hugs, H.


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