long-winded happiness

so many struggling
wanting more than ‘millimoments’ of euphoria
wondering where to find this fickle contentment
a promised aftereffect of the human condition
what if
we’re not supposed to be searching
what if
cheerful reflection is too deep in the wishing well
perhaps earth isn’t designed for constant contentment
wouldn’t sunup be iridescent blue
stars illuminate pathways to lovers
tides even-flow with the heavens
happiness is more like the wind
rustling leaves and racing clouds
never settling
what if
we took solace in these haphazard thermals
where seeds still take root
winged beasts soar
and cool air displaces sweating flesh
let’s not search for happiness
let’s take comfort in its randomness
knowing we’ll all eventually be found

Autumn Leaves

I’ve published this little gal a few times, she keeps wanting to be seen…

33 thoughts on “long-winded happiness

  1. Amen, sister. Amen, amen to that beautiful poem/verse/whatever-you-do-or-don’t-want-to-call-it. Searching for happiness is overrated since, as you say, happiness is random. Funny, but in my life I’ve noticed that when I’m least concerned about attaining happiness (money, success, material possessions) or some other contented feeling (love, acceptance, etc.), that particular happiness finds me. When I go searching for it, it’s elusive, it runs away. It’s like trying to catch a butterfly in your hand. Those beautiful wings rub off on your fingertips — yes, you got what you wanted, but you don’t really have it, or at least what you thought you wanted. Or, perhaps more to the point, as The Rolling Stones, those great philosophers, sing: “You can’t always get what you want, you get what you need.”

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    • See now Miss, this lovely perfect comment is purely poetic prose – this right here – is a fabulous post!
      Maybe some happy hides in comment boxes 😉
      Thank you for your sweetness, friend.
      Happy – let’s see what the heck day is it – Happy Tuesday, Deb

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      • Okay here’s an idea: You’ll have to give me your standard terrific “post prompts” so that I can respond/comment to them, and in turn I’ll copy & paste my comment to you so that I can get the next day’s post! Garsh, I think I’ve just figured out this blogging thing! 🙂 Morning, Miss. It is Tuesday. A quiet house, a quiet head. My body aches to be back in … bed (how’s that for rhyming on 1/2 cup of joe?!). Sorry, I called your little girl “Galena” when I should have written “Galean.” Close, but kids these days don’t like it when you mispronounce or misspell their names. 🙂

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      • You don’t need prompts – you only need pen & paper 😉
        Have a terrific Tuesday (I’m def a day off this week) Argh, they got me for subbing tomorrow – 1st Grade SOSOSOSOS 😉
        And I’ve subbed this class before, so not only will they get insulted if I mispronounce their names, they’ll be crushed if I don’t remember all 28 of them… 😉

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  2. P.S.: I think I should get a few “brownie” points for writing this convoluted “comment” while under the influence of La Croix sparkling water. If I had cabernet, my “comment” would be so much better, and even more convoluted, LOL.

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  3. Love Galean…..her personality, the colors….LOVE Galean. I want to take her home with me! 🙂
    The words are really under my skin this morning. So wonderful images and lines: “cheerful reflection is too deep in the wishing well” …..”wouldn’t sunup be iridescent blue
    stars illuminate pathways to lovers
    tides even-flow with the heavens
    happiness is more like the wind
    rustling leaves and racing clouds”
    ….and you have the iridescent blue surrounding Galean!
    This is just a wonderful way to begin my morning…..and the smile and warmth you’ve brought are most welcome after reading Alan’s post…..sad I am and will miss him….Glad I am to continue my mornings with you! 🙂

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    • Ah, thank you Lillian.
      Your comment here is like a ray of sunshine 🙂
      I do hope all goes well with Alan and his folks are okay. We’ll have to hold down the fort in his absence 🙂 I’ll certainly miss his comedic wit… 🙂

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  4. How I enjoy reading your thoughts and poems…they are all of love and goodness…you really are a wonderful writer and great person…I am sorry I am your mother and it seems I should feel that way but it is so true and if I were another person reading your work my feelings would be the same I am sure…Love you, Mom

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