no eyes to ponder

she is tired of nothing
but can’t keep her eyes open
she is a conversationalist
but she’s been silenced
with no eyes to ponder
or hands to hold
behind this illuminated screen
she is at a loss to help
his battle scars are dug in deep
beneath invisible flesh
she needs to face the faceless
it’s time to move forward
and return
to what she does best
helping those she can see..

uptitty bookreader

uptitty bookreader

13 thoughts on “no eyes to ponder

    • Thank you, Fawn. After I hit publish with this one I was thinking – oh, I should have fixed the hair a bit more, worked out a chin…
      Whenever I do quick sketches and can call them ‘quickies’ I feel it’s my “get out of art jail free” card 😉

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  1. I like both art and verse very much, AM. The worst part of these “illuminated screen(s)” we stare into daily — no real eyes staring back. You’ve said/shown so well indeed. d


  2. Sketch, as always, is amazing. I thought when I read these words
    “she is at a loss to help
    his battle scars are dug in deep
    beneath invisible flesh”
    that these words could describe the spouse of a veteran who comes home, having seen scenes no one should see. It’s as my poetry mentor says, “the poem within the poem”.
    I like the total poem and the sketch….


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