he doesn’t care, we should

hi there –
The Avocet is a fabulous homage to nature and all its creatures – print issue available for ordering – a worthy and noble cause
I’m placing my poem – he doesn’t care – below:

he doesn’t care

he doesn’t care about crowns
he doesn’t know he is a king
he doesn’t care
his only kingdom is survival
we attached a silly moniker
for his magnificence
like we determine specie classification
all listed below us
we name each
for the natural beauty, grace and strength
we covet
unlike the magnificent beasts who
fly, leap, sprint, swim, glide
in ways that make us
desire trophies

we must manufacture superiority
we love roaring–
we are the rulers of this kingdom
you are only– 
 King of the Jungle
because that’s what we named you

in the matter of a pet

in the matter of a pet
in the matter of a human heart
how a homespun beast does travel
to the very core of our nature
to the very depth of our soul
yes, yes they ask
with earnest eyes
for food, shelter, warmth
and yes,

they crave affection,

in their need and desire for love
these homespun beasts
invoking the simple language
of patient creatures
teach us
remind us
and often shame us
into the realization
of our responsibilities
as caretakers for one another

it is we
who need them

blue boys

blue boys

our blue boys, recently published, painted in acrylic a few weeks ago

‘Catually’ I’m a Dog Person

Dear Friends,
I’m a dog person. Why? I grew up with dogs. Our first family dog was a beautiful German Shepherd named Tima. I remember Tima well. I can still picture the little, black Shepherd pup being released from my father’s firm grasp. Since my first childhood dog, I’ve been proud friend to Rosie, Pudkin, Chama and now Rocky – all Shepherds – all special.

I was nine when I had my first “close encounter” with a cat. I befriended a mysterious grey cat I’d discovered slinking around the park down the street from my house. I assumed she was homeless. I can’t remember why. This gold-eyed feline seemed so very alien to me. The way she moved and the way she stared at me, so unlike a dog. I could always tell what dogs were thinking. This cat wouldn’t tell me anything she didn’t want me to know. I started bringing her a bowl of milk every morning. Then one day I tried petting the grey cat’s head. She nipped my finger and ran away. I never saw her again.

I eventually did manage adopting a cat when I was in my twenties. I was renting a house with several roommates, one of whom was my younger sister. Mimi was a sweet black cat with stubby legs. Mimi behaved like a dog. She came running whenever you called her name. My sister kept Mimi when I moved from the house. Mimi went on to live many long wonderful years, outliving all my dogs. To this day, whenever a black cat crosses my path, I smile.
Striped Cat

So here’s to dogs and to cats – hoping many of these beautiful creatures find warmth and comfort this holiday season.

Thank you. May you dream of hypnotic cats and slumbering dogs…
Cat Stripes created a few weeks ago after feeding the dogs.

It’s a Wildlife

Dear Friends,
I feel disconnected without my Reader page. I’m hoping the little ‘blugs’ from the blogtox will soon be ironed out. I’ve grown very attached to you guys, more than I’m willing to admit. 🙂

In the meantime, I’d like to present a snow leopard. This feline hangs in my studio tucked in a corner. He’s not one of my favorite pieces. I suppose that’s why he’s hidden most of the time behind my open studio door. The door closes only when I’m giving an art lesson or my family is being boisterous. We can be a rowdy bunch – after all – it’s a wild life!

snow leopard
Thank you. May you dream of beautiful big cats prancing among the stars…
Snow leopard created in 2008 most likely on a warm day.

When You’re Lonely, Tell Your ‘Tail’

Dear Friends,
Those of you kind enough to pass by here and read occasionally know I’m a substitute teacher. Oddly, knowing what I know now, I’ve come to realize there are no substitutes for teachers. And, after four years of walking institutional hallways, I’ve also become a keen observer of student faces. Sometimes, the sea of faces makes me a bit blue. The stoic countenances – not the ones miserable to be in school, or the teens who didn’t want to wake at 7 AM – but the students who give the impression they could use a good friend or two. These down-turned mouths make me think back to my school face.
catholic school

So I came up with a friend who has the heart of a lion, the resourcefulness of a cat and the ability to find comfort in conversing with someone else – even if it is his own tail.

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

Thank you. May you dream of one thousand magical tales and one dear friend…
Blue Lion Tail created yesterday after subbing


Dear Friends,

As her nervous fingers fumbled for the quarter-sized tin at the bottom of her purse, she prayed it held one last pill. Normally, she stayed as far away from cats as possible, but this guy was worth the merciless attack she’d most certainly suffer without swallowing a pink allergy capsule. She continued digging in her bag. As they climbed the stairs to his studio apartment, she admired the way his jeans fit and the way his dark hair curled where it met his collar.

He was glad he was ahead of her on the stairs. This could be love for him. He didn’t want her to notice the sweat that had collected at his temples. He still hadn’t come clean about his cat. It was no ordinary cat sharing the studio space with him. It was slightly larger. It was a leopard…



I hope you enjoyed my little story…

Thank you. May fantastic felines whisk you off to dreamland…

(leopard rendered in Prisma on construction paper)