no mint breeze in the rain

many have written about rain
how the rain makes you lonely
endless drops echoing in an empty chest
the cold of them creeping up your shirt
shudders into the back bulge
the obvious dullness of the sky
over-burdened clouds unable to ease the mind
wind maybe, no breeze
delicate mint leaves collapse
they don’t know the end of it
never do
endless repetitive pings on pavement
no playing on the drooping lawn

ย  sucking mulch beds
engorged suburban septic sours
the smell can be bad
so the rain
it is wet
it is sad
it is dark
for a big-eyed kid waiting for the storm to pass

boy with green glowing eyeswhy this face? I’ve no idea…more crayon playing and yes, it was raining.
For Fawn – may rain come your CA way
(there is happy rain, I was in a melodrama moment-perhaps I shouldn’t write while drinking red wine ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

17 thoughts on “no mint breeze in the rain

  1. Amazing work AnnMarie! Love those green colored Irish eyes. Took a day off from writing watching that ‘Scream tv series’ not bad. Also watched some wrestling and drank lots of coffee. Good times. Good times.


  2. Ah, such lovely words, my friend. Your words have become your palette and your canvas, and it’s a lovely thing to witness indeed. Now, I’ve been Twittering the heck out of this, because of those incredible freakin’ eyes. I had to delete on twit (?), or is it tweet?, because I got over-excited and F-bombed my enthusiasm. Anyhoo, brilliant, brilliant. And I should add … brilliant!


  3. How did I miss this one??? Maybe the green eyes frightened me away? “sucking mulch bed” — what a perfect way to describe what they do! “Delicate mint leaves” collapse with the weight of the rain….a wonderful image in its detail — I can see and smell this rain and its results. I think red wine becomes you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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