Homage to Doctor Moreau

“The crying sounded even louder…. It was as if all the pain in the world had found a voice.”

“For everyone the want is bad. Some want to go tearing with teeth and hands into the roots of things, snuffing into the earth.”

“An animal may be ferocious and cunning enough, but it takes a real man to tell a lie.”
insane lioness singerQuotes from the transformative pen of H.G. Wells, The Island of Doctor Moreau

my creature gal created about 3 weeks ago with no hard-core animalistic intent

26 thoughts on “Homage to Doctor Moreau

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I made two lists for two other girls like the one I did for you. One girl told me it was lovely and she would hold onto it forever. The 3rd girl lol read it and deleted me from her facebook friends after reading it. What do you think was with that? What is your opinion on that? I compliment a girl 103 times and I get cut from the team friends list. I think she has some issues. But I am glad you and Joie appreciated your lists! Hurts bad when girls are mean.


  2. So glad to see you this morning, although this creature makes me a bit nervous!
    Hope you had a relaxing weekend! Starting my day our with a new brew this morning – coffee, the elixir of the AM!


  3. You know, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read Doctor Moreau, but I looked the plot up and I can see why the book would be of interest to you, thinking B. Spectacular artwork, Miss. Feel a bit akin to her — and my hair looks just like that in the a.m. πŸ™‚


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