I. Doe and Deer II.The Littlest Dear


I. Doe and Deer
deer familytoward the back end where the trees grew thick
and adjoining woods within range
she moseyed about the lawn

a pair of leggy fawns nearby
one did not roam far
the other
well, the other
scampered, hopped, sprinted, leaped
jumped over a hedgerow and disappeared
my mind yelled, get back over here!
I held my breath

moments ticked by
measured by my desk timer shaped like an egg
there to ensure I vacate my studio every so often
over those bushes with a freewheeling bound

she pranced back into view
so confident
her sister
remained clinging to mama
with just blades of grass between
all the while

the doe continued steadily munching
taking no notice of the staying
or the leaping
she was a constant
and they were not
at least
not for a long time, yet…

II. The Littlest Dear

there was a young deer
though there were many others
none were like this one
her back was not quite right
things that were supposed to be inside
were outside
she was dying
life was pooling quickly in those somber, black eyes
her last place of rest was against the cold cement wall
of my home’s foundation
I sat ministering her
misting her cracked muzzle
hoping to keep ignorant flies at bay
I rubbed the velvet between her ears, still so very soft
I sang songs, my words were choked garble
I wondered if she’d had a good life
I whispered goodbye
and asked anyone listening
to please take care
of this little dear

Deer Friends

art I. while in my studio thinking about an idea, I had the good fortune of a doe and her 2 young ones crossing my backyard, so very enchanting (as long as the vegetable garden gate is closed) – I went a little sappy and put a little smile on the frolicking fawn 🙂

art II. previously published during Xmas

both stories here are true…I think about that littlest ”dear’ more often than I probably should

10 thoughts on “I. Doe and Deer II.The Littlest Dear

  1. Your post — your sad post making me tear up — what’s to say? Except that it’s a perfect comment on life and death in the animal world as well as in the human one. Some thrive, others don’t; the world can be carefree and frolicksome, or harsh and cruel. But I guess what I’m most focused on and touched by is the speaker’s (whom I am assuming is you — and I know, never “assume,” but still I can imagine) care of the dying deer. And all I can think of is how very fortunate that young deer was to find you, and to be so carefully tended to and loved in her last hours. No doubt about it she had a good life; to be cherished by another, and to care for another, at the end of one’s days is a reciprocal gift. [Love/art; love/deer]

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  2. It takes a special eye to really “see” deer, whether in the wild or on the edge of your garden. As you can imagine, I have more than one “soft spot” in my heart for does and their fawns. You caught the magic in their personalities with your pencil, for sure. Thank you for loving the hurt little one on her way over the rainbow bridge. You were her safe place. Hugs – Fawn


  3. Emotional reading these. Beautifully penned. Your gentleness was, I’m certain, felt by this smallest deer as you helped her transition from this world. Death comes too close sometimes – I’ve always said, there are angels along the way.


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